Muchfollowers Review: Read Everything You Need To Know

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a scam, even if you haven’t read reviews like this. There are sources you just know aren’t safe to use.

But what’s the deal with companies that seem legit at first glance, but you’re still not sure?

For some Instagram-growth services, unfortunately, there is not much evidence that suggests that it is a scam or legit. One such company is Muchfollowers.

If you don’t know much about this particular source and want at least some guidance, I’ve done that part of the job for you. You’re welcome!

Don’t miss a chance to read through this Muchfollowers review, and find out what I think about the services of this company. By the end of the review, you might even agree with me!

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Muchfollowers: Not Much About The Company

I agree that any review should start with some ground information about the source we are interested in. Still, sometimes the info we need is simply lacking.

Such is the case with Muchfollowers. Unfortunately, there is no “About Us” section on this site, where you can go when you want to get information.

All I can see are these 3 numbers. Take a second, and look at them carefully.

A screenshot showing information about muchfollowers.

If you took a good look, you noticed that the number of services sold and happy customers, for example, do not match at all.

From what I see, my first thought is that there is no way that 925 million purchases are distributed to 102 customers.

Whether this is just bad advertising, or something else, it is up to you and me to figure it out.

This does not create a good image for the company, does it?

I know what you’re thinking right now. It’s certainly hard to imagine that there is a reliable company out there without some basic information.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions and judge this company right at the beginning, so let’s continue with the review.

What Does Muchfollowers Offer?

Unlike some of the companies I’ve dealt with before, Muchfollowers only deals with Instagram and has a limited range of offers. They are as follows:

  • Instagram Likes
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Views

The most popular offers are obviously Followers and Likes. Instagram Views are not something that most influencers strive for. This offer does not include visible numbers on your profile, and that’s the only thing that matters, right?

Muchfollowers also has strong claims. According to the company, they beat the competition because of low prices, excellent customer support, and quality.

Muchfollowers: Are The Prices Budget-Friendly?

Let’s check out the claims related to their low prices. I will take the Instagram Followers package as an example to comment on.

So, these are the prices:

A screenshot showing the prices of insta followers

You can see that they are not too expensive, but still, you have certainly seen other companies offer more for less money. This has to do with the quality you get as well.

I often came across extremely low prices of Followers and Likes. In the end, it would turn out that the company promoted such low prices due to the poor quality – fake accounts, and most of them from India or China.

These, of course, were not active users, and would often disappear from my profile after several days. If they don’t disappear on their own, they are removed by Instagram, which recognizes the purchased ones.

Muchfollowers claims that these are 100% safe Followers, but does not say anything about quality.

Another item worth mentioning is the time and speed of delivery. From what I see from the offers, the speed depends on the quantity you buy. While amounts up to 5,000 arrive in 24 hours, for 50,000, you can wait up to 14 days.

Now, there is no indication whether this will come gradually or all at once. If 50,000 will come progressively, then your profile is safe from a potential shutdown.

The Availability Of Customer Support

Given how much time each of us spends on Instagram, it is inevitable that there will be bugs or errors, especially when buying Followers and Likes.

Therefore, the company you do business with should have an open line that you can contact 24/7. Sometimes, you may need an urgent solution.
Muchfollowers talks about having “excellent customer service,” when in fact, it looks like this:

A screenshot showing customer support

What the company states, and what I can see, doesn’t match at all. According to the first note, updates are currently underway on Instagram, and this may slow down the resolution of the problem.

According to another note, there is a 30-day guarantee refill if your services do not arrive. 

Refunds Are Not Allowed?

When purchasing, you will come across one somewhat disturbing fact that negates past claims made by the company.

It’s about money refunds, which Muchfollowers doesn’t allow, by the way. Okay, maybe $10 won’t hurt, but what if it’s hundreds of dollars?

When I said that what you will see negates past claims, I meant this:

A screenshot showing the muchfollowers checkout

According to what I see, not only is there no refund, but all deliveries are instant (1-2 hours). This is not good for you if you bought a larger quantity of Followers, for example.

Once you come across facts like this, it’s natural to ask yourself, “is Muchfollowers a scam?”

Before we try to answer this, let’s look at another aspect.

Where Are The Reviews?

What is very strange about this company is that I cannot find any reviews.

You know that certain companies like to promote satisfied customers on their homepage. Well, there is no such thing here.

Even when I went to Trustpilot, I came across this.

A screenshot showing the trustpilot homepage

Often, real comments from past customers are of great importance because they speak their truth, so to say.

Currently, my opinion regarding Muchfollowers is shaky. I can’t find any comments regarding the way they do business.

Muchfollowers: Summing Up The Facts

I have listed a lot in this review, so it would be good to summarize the points in one visual display. Let’s do it.

The site is easy to navigateDoesn’t allow refunds
The prices are budget-friendlyReviews are non-existent
Slow customer service

Is Muchfollowers Legit?

It’s time to answer the question, “is Muchfollowers legit?”

Well, I think this depends on the person reading this. There are two types. The first type is the one for whom this is not a risk and would like to try to buy a small offer. The other type is a skeptic, who will continue the search.

Whichever category you fall into, these are all facts, and you can work with them as you think is best. I wish you good luck!

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