InstaFollowers Review: How To Spot A Scam? Read Here

It is certainly not easy to notice a company that’s a scam at first glance. Most companies manage to cover up their shady actions by lowering prices, cluttering the homepage with glowing comments, etc.

With the increase in the number of Instagram-growth services, more and more customers are being robbed of their money and privacy.

Today’s topic is InstaFollowers. Whether you have heard of this company on your own or from a friend, I advise you not to go anywhere.

There are some facts that can’t be overlooked, and I’m going to mention them all. So, if you’ve got some time, choose to spend it by reading my review.

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InstaFollowers: Company History And Appearance

Before I start with a detailed analysis of what InstaFollowers offers, let’s briefly introduce some basic information about the company.

In the “About Us” section, it says that this company has been active since 2010.

The site may be called InstaFollowers, but this company also deals with other social media platforms, not just Instagram. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr

Also, in addition to these sources, InstaFollowers claims that it also offers services for Google and SEO.

It seems that there is no app that is not linked to this site.

Still, I will stick to the platform that interests both you and me, and that is Instagram.

By looking at the homepage, it doesn’t seem like  InstaFollowers attached much importance to aesthetics.

I believe that if you are already into social media, appearance is 50% of the job. A nice-looking site makes it easier for the customer to find their way around.

Here, the layout of the services does not look appealing to the eye. Let me back up my claim.

A screenshot of the instafollowers homepage

We can agree that this is not a great start when it comes to the InstaFollowers online appearance.

Instagram Packages

It’s time to dedicate my time to prices, and what InstaFollowers offers within the Instagram package.

Potential customers have the opportunity to buy:

  • Instagram Likes
  • Instagram Followers
  • Instagram Comments
  • Instagram Reel Views
  • Instagram Impressions

Primarily, there is a difference in the preferability of these features. Instagram Likes and Followers are still first in demand, while Comments are declining in importance.

How does InstaFollowers handle prices?

Let’s take Instagram Followers as an example.

Within the Followers section, InstaFollowers offers High-Quality and Premium Followers

I guess the difference is in the quality of the profiles that arrive at your account.

Here’s what you would pay if you chose the high-quality offer.

A screenshot showing the high quality followers.

At the moment, they have this huge discount, so if you think about it, it’s not that expensive. Almost none of these offers will significantly damage your budget.

Now, let’s take a look at the Premium package, and how much it differs in terms of prices.

A screenshot showing the premium followers.

The difference isn’t huge, but it’s not the only thing that worries me.

I’m worried about the speed at which these Followers will reach my profile if I buy them.

The speed of delivery depends on the amount you choose to buy. So, if you want to purchase 1000 Instagram Followers, the estimated delivery time is from 7 to 10 hours.

However, it does not say whether they will arrive gradually or all at once. Of course, it is clear to you which one is better.

Whenever the delivery speed is not explicitly noted, you can expect inorganic growth. At least that’s what people have claimed. 

Instagram has a strict policy on buying Followers or Likes and is so advanced that it can easily identify the bought ones, especially if they are of poor quality.

This can end in two ways. One is to lose Followers and the money you paid, and the other is to have your Instagram account shut down for good. 

I presume you don’t want either of them to come true.

What also interests me is the security of my information when shopping.

InstaFollowers gives you the opportunity to shop using PayPal or your regular credit cards. My personal opinion is that it is always better to go with PayPal.

Many social media companies use this as an excuse to rob you and block your credit card. Now, that’s a virtual nightmare!

When in doubt about whether a company is a scam, be sure to pay attention to its payment methods.

Where Is InstaFollowers App?

As you probably already knew, almost all Instagram-growth services offer adapted apps for the mobile version.

This can significantly affect the company’s performance.

However, InstaFollowers does not seem to have an app available for download. When you try to type in “InstaFollowers app review”, you will only come across dead ends.

It is written somewhere that it once existed, but this is the version from 2015, if not earlier.

InstaFollowers Customer Support

Finally, something that seems real.

InstaFollowers has tried to make Customer Support always available. This company offers contact via  24/7 live chat, mail, and a WhatsApp number.

Mail address and phone number are not so reliable if you think about it. We all know how long you can wait for a response to an email, especially if it’s the weekend.

As for the number, it can very easily be fake.

The only real thing about this is the live chat option.

The Reviews Are Mixed

At some point, previous experiences should be included in this review. And that’s best done by visiting Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

However, the reviews on these two sites do not agree at all.
Let’s look at Trustpilot first. Here, we have mostly positive reviews. Take a look at some examples:

A screenshot showing trustpilot reviews

However, when I went to Sitejabber, I was greeted by a completely different scenario.

A screenshot showing sitejabber reviews

When you get into a situation where the reviews from these two sites do not match, something is not right.

Is Instafollowers co legit?

Well, judging by this, I’m starting to doubt it.

InstaFollowers: Overview

Since I have listed a lot of items, it would be good to gather them into one table. This will help me make the final decision.

Deals with multiple platformsPoor quality of followers
Inorganic growth
Mixed reviews
An outdated look of the site

InstaFollowers: The Decision

Unfortunately, as you can see for yourself, InstaFollowers has more disadvantages than advantages.

The only thing this company can boast about is that it deals with so many social media platforms, and that’s it. But this is by no means enough.

If I were you, I wouldn’t risk it with this company, which doesn’t even have its own app.

Don’t put your money and Instagram security at risk. This is not what you need!

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