SocialShop Review: What Is The Deal Here?

It is by no means easy to keep up with everything that is happening on the Internet, especially when the focus of your attention are social media platforms.

Trends are constantly changing, some companies are getting new features, and some are becoming known for not respecting their customers and fulfilling their promises.

Fortunately, you and I have the same interests within this particular topic, which is Instagram services. And when it comes to them, the number is constantly changing. It is impossible to try them all, but it is possible to review the ones that are more popular.

One of them is SocialShop. You must have come across this online company, and if you haven’t, even better – I am here to tell you something about its services.

If you have already reached this point, I assure you that you will be interested in the rest of this SocialShop review, so keep scrolling!

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SocialShop – The Side That Prevails

If you have a vague opinion about SocialShop, I have one version that I stick to. Here’s exactly what I mean.

Cheap prices for followersGot shut down recently
Dealt with multiple social media platformsFollowers kept disappearing
Bad offsite reviews

When it comes to SocialShop, there are some hopeful signs, but there are also things that should not be overlooked. Lucky for you, I’m about to expose all of them!

Where Is SocialShop Today?

If you are at least a little familiar with the way and speed with which things change on the Internet, then you surely know that some companies tend to disappear for a short time and then reappear again.

The reasons for this can be various: from a site that is not working properly, current bans due to business irregularities, all the way to hacking operations.

When I was looking for the main SocialShop site, the first thing I came across was this.

A screenshot showing the main site of socialshop.

It seems that this company no longer exists, and has been officially removed from our search engine, but the reason is not stated.

Fortunately, this company exists in the Internet archives. This is where most of the information and opinions that I have included came from.

A screenshot showing socialshop on the internet archives

From what I can see is that SocialShop works with multiple branches and offers its services for:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Soundcloud
  • YouTube

But, I will stick to the branch that is of interest to both me and you – Instagram growth services.

Does SocialShop Work?

Offers are accessible, but SocialShop as a company no longer works. However, this does not deprive me of the ability to analyze its offers, and how it worked while it was still available on the Internet.

Instagram Services

In its Instagram category, SocialShop offers the following:

  • Instagram Likes
  • Instagram Followers
  • Automatic Instagram Likes
  • Instagram Views
  • Instagram Comments

Automatic vs. Regular Instagram Likes

Since SocialShop offers two options for buying likes, one of which is regular and one automatic, it would be good to mention the effects of such a purchase.

As for regular Instagram likes, according to SocialShop, it delivers you likes with “super fast delivery”. On the other hand, Automatic Likes are likes that are instantly uploaded on your post.

Neither option is the best, and the reason is the pace at which these likes arrive on your profile. Namely, instant delivery is not always a good idea.

In 90% of cases, Instagram can recognize purchased likes, followers, and profiles in general, and remove them from your post. However, this is not the only possible danger.

There is also a concern as to whether these likes will reach your profile at all, or “super fast delivery” is just written for advertising.

When I researched SocialShop likes review, I did not find any positive feedback regarding the fulfillment of obligations, but we will talk about this in a few seconds.

Prices Of Packages

It is worth mentioning the prices of packages, regardless of whether the site is currently functioning or not. From the prices, we can often conclude whether this was a problematic aspect.

I decided to take Instagram Followers as an example.

A screenshot showing prices of packages

Prices are divided according to the number of followers you buy, logically. What this option offers are 100% safe followers, instant delivery, and high quality. Now, how true this is can only be confirmed or denied by buyers who have opted for one of these offers.

In terms of prices, SocialShop is budget-friendly. The minimum price is $ 2 for 100 followers. So, even if you decided you just wanted to try the services, this amount would not hurt your budget.

The highest price is again not so much out of the budget, given that 15,000 followers are in circulation. Still, many companies tend to ramp up their prices, which is one of the main reasons for losing potential customers.

Poor Customer Reviews

As we said a moment ago, the most honest feedback comes from former users who have had experiences with this company. Therefore, I decided to merge the two most visited sites, Trustpilot and Sitejabber, and share people’s experiences.

First in line was Trustpilot. When you enter the site, a place to leave a review is unavailable because the company is “closed.” However, what I could see was not great.

A screenshot showing trustpilot reviews

These are just glimpses of what you will be able to read. There are no positive reviews regarding SocialShop, which leads me to the question, “was SocialShop a fraud?”

If I continue on Sitejabber, the answer becomes more evident. Let’s see what people there have to say.

A screenshot showing sitejabber reviews

SocialShop: Scam?

A characteristic that is definitely crucial for this company is that it is shut down. However, it certainly does not seem so for those who visit this site for the first time.

Nevertheless, after these previous reviews, it is becoming clear to me that SocialShop is a scam, which is why it is no longer available on the Internet.

The Verdict On SocialShop

It is time for all the information and facts I mentioned during this review to be put together in one place, so that I can state my final opinion towards SocialShop.

So, what I can single out is:

  • followers that disappear after a while
  • the company being shut down recently
  • claims by past users that this is a scam

I believe that this is certainly enough evidence to push you towards the opinion that SocialShop should not be your choice. 

And since it’s removed from the Internet, these points can be precautions for further research!

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