Review – Do You Think That Users Should Know The Whole Truth?

There are a few things that are negotiable when it comes to a service such as one that offers to its users. Honesty and truth aren’t the things that should be negotiable, but it seems that this isn’t the case.

Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate on these harsh claims once I get to the point because I wouldn’t be making these claims if it wasn’t for the big pile of evidence that is in front of everybody who decides to do even a little bit of research regarding and their service.

Things that a company should be upfront and honest about shouldn’t be kept secret and should be worked on, so instead of you making a mistake that the majority of people make, I highly suggest you read through this article.

I’ve done the research needed to tell you all about this service and the treatment of people who gave their money on something that they didn’t even receive in some cases.

Let me tell you about some of the evidence I’ve found that points towards a situation that isn’t so favorable for people who decide to use Instapromote, so you don’t have to go through some unpleasant situations, to say the least.

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What Is

It’s important that you know the basics of the company I’m talking about here in order to understand what I’m saying, and why I’m saying it.

First thing first, what does Instapromote offer? Well, in that sense, they’re nothing special. They offer you to buy Instagram followers cheap and “easily.”

Don’t get me wrong, the claim that their followers are cheap is not wrong.

As you can see the prices really are low, but the quality of these followers is questionable in all of this.

Many companies that are in the same field as Instapromote offer cheap, but rarely any offer quality followers that stick around and don’t go away after a couple of days or weeks.

That brings me to another thing that I’ve found that regards the quality of Instapromote’s followers.

A screenshot showing a negative comment on Trustpilot regarding followers bought from Instapromote.

There are countless comments that resemble this one, which means that this is not a one-time thing that happened once and never again.

Let’s take a look at some other examples:

A screenshot depicting another negative comment regarding a bad Instapromte service.
A screenshot of another comment talking about not receiving followers that were bought from website.

It’s quite unfortunate that this many people had such bad experiences with this service, but let this serve as an example to everyone who didn’t already waste their money on this.

When there’s a possibility that you won’t even receive your order, and even if you do that you’ll lose the majority of the followers you’ve paid for, the situation is clear – steer clear of that company.

These reviews should serve as guidance because the most valuable thing you can get from your research is other people’s experiences with a service you’re considering for regular use.

Other people’s experiences are priceless because they don’t have an interest in misrepresenting a service that they’ve been using (because they don’t get anything out of it).

Is Real?

I’ve asked myself this question in the sense of “is their service real?” but I’ve come to the same conclusion every time.

I’ve checked out some websites that are as unbiased as possible in order to get the bigger picture regarding instapromote’s service. One such website that I trust for many reasons is Scamadviser.

Scamadviser can sometimes be too gentle with some websites. It’s precisely why this search result on that website is concerning.

Take a look at what I found when I searched for Instapromote on Scamadviser:

A screenshot showing the overall score for on

As you can see, “mediocre” is an understatement, but let’s go with it for now. Trustscore is probably the most important thing you can pay attention to when searching for reviews on this website.

It’s also quite hard to get into the “orange area” of the trust score. The reasons for this may vary, but one thing is clear – Instapromote’s service is not trustworthy.

One thing that also stands out is that the identity of the owner of is unknown, and can not be found on WHOIS.

That’s concerning for many reasons, but the main one is the fact that if someone believes in the product that they place on the market then that someone shouldn’t run from being recognized.

It’s also quite strange that even Scamadviser picked up on the fact that the reviews for this service are mainly negative, which is a tough thing to do considering that you can literally buy positive reviews for your product.

Now that we’re on the topic of fake reviews, I’d like to show you one positive review for Instapromote, and I would like you to compare it to the negative reviews and come to a conclusion on which one sounds more natural to you:

A screenshot showing a positive comment regarding on Trustpilot.

It seems to me that the reviews coming from people who have had a negative experience with Instapromote are much more genuine than the positive reviews. This doesn’t have to mean that the positive reviews aren’t true or that they are bought, it just means that even when the service works it’s just mediocre at best. Review – Epilogue

I’ve made so many claims in this article that I’m not sure I would be able to take them all into consideration. For that reason, I recommend taking a look at a pros and cons table I’ve made in order to make it easier for you to consider all the facts that I stated.

Cheap follower packagesFake followers
They sometimes don’t deliver
Poor service
Unknown owner

I know it’s a lot to take in, but just know that the process of making sure that the service you’re getting into is right for you should take a bit of time in order to get your facts straight.

It’s also quite important to take everything into consideration before you decide to go with a specific service.

My point is – don’t rush, take everything into consideration, and be absolutely sure that you’ve looked at a satisfying number of competitors before you come to your final decision.

And remember, keep your personal data safe because that’s the most valuable thing you can lose if you don’t choose a service correctly.

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