LikeSocial Review – Can It Boost Your Instagram? The Truth

Reading LikeSocial reviews shocked me to my very core. Are there no more honest online reviews? 

I refused to believe that, so I took it upon myself to write this unbiased LikeSocial review. This one is for all my fellow Instagrammers who are annoyed by the lack of honesty and objectivity on the Internet.

Today, I’ll cover the burning topic – Can LikeSocial grow your account the right way?

Well, I guess you’ll have to read on to find out!

Just in case you prefer a TL;DR version, there’s one below. Enjoy!

LikeSocial – Quick Summary

  • LikeSocial is a straight-up scam.
  • The service doesn’t work anymore, but that doesn’t stop them from charging new customers.
  • Steer clear of scammers and money-grabbers
  • Try to find a trustworthy organic service.
  • I wholeheartedly recommend Nitreo, Kenji, and Upleap.
  • You can even save some money (20% off) with their code GROW20

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What Is LikeSocial?

To kick things off, I have to say that you should be particularly wary if you want to give LikeSocial a shot. 

Why am I warning you?

Well, as it turns out, LikeSocial is a downright scam. 

The number one complaint about LikeSocial is that they – hold on to your chairs – charge new clients for a shutdown service. 

Need I say more?

Now, I assume you want to know all about LikeSocial, not just their shady ways. Why else would you be here?

So, for the sake of a comprehensive review, let’s see what LikeSocial really is. 

I’ve got two words for you – Instagram bot. 

Unlike most of its competitors, LikeSocial doesn’t claim to provide organic growth. I don’t see this often in my line of business, so I kind of appreciate it. 

And what does LikeSocial do?

In the nature of typical bots, it likes, follows, and unfollows on your behalf. 

Well, that’s what it’s supposed to do. 

After reading countless LikeSocial Instagram reviews, I came to the conclusion that the service doesn’t really work anymore. 

It’s not the first time I’ve seen a bot bite the dust, but this one’s a bit different.

Almost every LikeSocial review says that the company still accepts and charges new clients like nothing’s wrong.

How Does LikeSocial Work?

While it worked, LikeSocial automated your activity. Unfortunately, it was way too aggressive and spammy in doing so, and it often interacted with fake accounts. 

As a result, your profile was riddled with fake followers or people not interested in what you got to offer.

Getting Started With LikeSocial

If even after my words of caution you decide to try LikeSocial, this is what you need to do. 

Go to their official website,, and choose a package you want. Proceed to payment and wait for the “magic” to happen. 

Hint – not much will happen other than a withdrawal from your bank account.

One thing that drove my suspicion level to the max is LikeSocial’s prices – or the lack thereof. 

When you click on the “Price” button on their site, nothing happens. You can’t know how much it costs until you go to checkout. 

Why the veil of mystery, LikeSocial?

Features Of LikeSocial

LikeSocial has (or had) a couple of basic features. 

Targeting An Audience

There’s only one filter for specifying your niche – hashtags. 

You could leave specific hashtags based on which the bot’s supposed to perform automated tasks. 

There wasn’t a limit to the number of hashtags, so you could go nuts there. 

It wouldn’t be of much help, though. 

Turns out that LikeSocial didn’t follow the filters. It just did stuff at random, and all you could do was hope it won’t catch the eye of too many fake profiles. 

Automated Activity

The actions LikeSocial performed were the most basic ones: 

  • Like
  • Follow
  • Unfollow

All of these were done at three speed levels: slow, normal, fast. 

The issue was that not one of the three speeds was yielding results. The slow one didn’t get you any at all, and the normal and fast one would trigger Instagram’s bot-detection tools. 

Basically, you had to choose the lesser of two evils.


The auto-pause feature was one of LikeSocial’s attempts to trick Instagram’s algorithm. Quite an unsuccessful one, I might add. 

How did it work?

LikeSocial advised you to tune the auto-pause to pause for 30 minutes every two hours. This was their brilliant idea for flying under Instagram’s radar.

LikeSocial Pricing

I told you that LikeSocial prices aren’t visible on their site. 

Luckily, many good people wanted the rest of the world to know all about the LikeSocial scam, so they left us reviews with all the info on their prices. 

Reportedly, LikeSocial has monthly, and weekly plans, and they’re not all that expensive. The monthly ones are around 30 bucks a month, which, you’ll agree, is quite affordable. 

Indeed, not for this type of service, but in general, it is. 

They also offer a 5-hour free trial. The irony of the situation is that the tool actually works during these five hours. 

By the way, that’s got to be the shortest free trial I’ve ever seen. Then again, they probably couldn’t get it to work for more than a few hours. 

As a cherry on top, there was no way to cancel your subscription unless you cut them off at the source by blocking your credit card.

Is LikeSocial Legit?

If you’ve stuck around this far, you already know the answer to this question – it’s a firm no. 

Not only did their aggressive strategy bring on so many fake followers, but it also got many people blocked and/or banned. 

To make matters worse, they still accept new clients and take their money even though the service doesn’t work. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if LikeSocial’s name appeared when you look up the word fraud

Is Like Social Safe?

Do I even need to answer this one?

When a company’s behavior is the definition of a scam, you can expect they’re not safe at all.

Best LikeSocial Alternatives

Like I always say – the best and safest way to grow on Insta is organic. Check out the top organic services below.

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

LikeSocial Pros And Cons

Are there any upsides to using LikeSocial? Time to find out.

Simple to useWorks under false pretenses
The service doesn’t function at all
Jeopardizes your IG account
Steals money from new clients
Impossible to unsubscribe

LikeSocial – Final Verdict

So, what’s the truth about LikeSocial?

In a nutshell, it is fraudulent as the day is long. 

My honest advice would be to avoid this service altogether. It’s just not worth the risk. 

After all, why would you ever put your account or money at risk with these worthless bots when there is an infinitely safer way to grow your account?

Take a glance at the table below – any of the organic services I listed is 100% worth it!

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