WorkMacro Reviews – Is It Safe? Learn The Truth Here

In the shocking deficit of honest WorkMacro reviews, reading this one will be a pleasant surprise. 

I decided to write my WorkMacro Instagram review from an unbiased perspective, so you can expect to learn things like: 

  • Is WorkMacro a scam?
  • Will it harm your safety in any way?
  • Is it fairly priced?
  • What is the best WorkMacro alternative?

Before I dig deep into the heart of the matter, I’ll quickly sum up my thoughts in the section below. Enjoy! 

WorkMacro Key Points

  • Using WorkMacro puts your safety at risk.
  • It’s too expensive for a service that doesn’t really work.
  • In all my years of researching and testing growth services, the number-one thing I learned is that organic growth strategy is unparalleled.
  • Nitreo and Upleap are organic services worth considering. 
  • They even come with a discount code that takes 20% off their prices forever – GROW20.

Most Popular Instagram Growth Tools Rated

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

What Is WorkMacro?

A screenshot of WorkMacro’s homepage

WorkMacro is a growth service that claims to possess “THE secret to Instagram growth.”

They promise all kinds of enticing stuff, including real and engaged followers, rapid and consistent growth, and all of that, of course, they achieve organically.

“Organic” is a real buzzword nowadays, so it’s no surprise everyone boasts (unrightfully so) about being an organic service. Honestly, it no longer surprises me when even the lowest-quality bots promise true organic growth. 

That’s why, when I first set out to write this piece, my skepticism was through the roof. I just wasn’t convinced WorkMacro is organic. I thought it to be anything but organic. 

Was I right to trust my gut?

Well, as it turns out, yeah – WorkMacro is indeed far from an organic service; it’s a typical automation bot. Shocking, I know!

How Does WorkMacro Work?

If you’re hoping to find out all about WorkMacro’s strategies from their website, I have to disappoint you – you won’t find much there. 

In fact, you won’t find anything at all regarding the ways they operate. 

The secret to IG growth they claim to possess is so secret that they won’t even tell us about it. 

What you will find are scarce (and pretty random) words and sentences that require further explanation, for example:

“Powered By Intelligence.”


“Instagram Tips.”

These are only a few of the weird things you’ll see on All of it is so bemusing and enfolded in mystery. 

Nevertheless, I dug deep (emphasis on deep) to find out how WorkMacro really works. This is the info I managed to collect.

According to reviews from reputable sites such as Trustpilot, WorkMacro is an Instagram bot.

Although the company advertises it as a 100% organic service, it couldn’t be far from that. Not only is it totally inorganic, but it also seems not to work at all. 

That’s right – most of the reviews say that WorkMacro goes phut not long after you register and pay for it.

The actions it’s supposed to perform – like, follow, unfollow – are nowhere to be seen once you wish to begin using the service. 

All of this adds up to one word – scam. 

Yup, I’ve said it; there’s a huge chance WorkMacro is a total fraud. 

Their website is safe, though, and they don’t refrain from accepting new clients and charging them like nothing’s wrong. 

Oh, and there’s one more thing that made me believe it’s a straight-up scam.

WorkMacro offers a 14-day free trial, BUT you have to leave the following info: 

  • Full name
  • Current address
  • Instagram password
  • Full credit card info
  • Phone number

All of this for a free trial. 

IMO, this is nothing more than a red flag to run like hell from this service. 

Features Of WorkMacro

As far as WorkMacro features go, this is what I gathered from their website. 

Smart Targeting

The company claims to use robots that work non-stop to locate relevant accounts with whom you can interact. 

How can you promise organic growth and boast about using robots? I guess when you start using WorkMacro, all the logic goes out the window.

That’s all the info they offer; there’s no talk about the actual targeting options.

Automated Tasks

The three actions listed on their official website are:

  • follow
  • unfollow
  • like

Again, they don’t say a lot about how they do it, but it’s safe to assume that the aforementioned robots are the ones doing it.

Customer Support

Another thing WorkMacro is suspiciously mysterious about is CS. 

The only help you’ll find on the website is a form you can fill out and hope they’ll answer. However, the answer might never come.

WorkMacro Pricing

Probably the vaguest section of WorkMacro’s site is the pricing section if we can call it that. 

This is all the info WorkMacro provides:

workmacro price

It merely says 59 USD per month in big green letters, and that’s it. 

But what is almost 60 bucks a month? What does the deal entail?

I’ve absolutely no clue.

As far as the free trial goes, it can be described in one word – dicey.

But that’s not all.

I’ve also learned that WorkMacro refuses to issue refunds, and complaining about it to customer support won’t help you at all.

Is WorkMacro Legit?

Need I even answer this one?

I honestly don’t think we need more evidence to support it – WorkMacro is NOT legit. 

Is WorkMacro Safe?

Well, no.

WorkMacro jeopardizes your presence on Instagram, and I can only imagine what they do or intend to do with all your personal info they need to know.

WorkMacro Alternatives

WorkMacro and similar bots aren’t worth dwelling upon for a second, not when there are so many incredible organic growth tools that will take you where you need to go. Check them out:

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

WorkMacro Pros And Cons

Still thinking about trying WorkMacro? Do me a favor and contemplate it a bit more along with this list of WorkMacro’s ups and downs.

There’s a free trialThe service doesn’t really work
They’ve no business asking for all your personal info
They’re too vague about their strategies
It’s overpriced, and it’s not clear what the price entails
It can get you banned on IG
Getting a refund is out of the question

WorkMacro – Final Word

Pardon my thinly veiled contempt, but WorkMacro is neither safe nor even worth considering to try out. 

The evidence doesn’t lie – WorkMacro charges people for a malfunctioning service, it refuses to issue refunds and to top it all off, it asks for all your personal info.  

That’s the exact opposite of safe. 
Let’s not forget that safety should be your number one priority. That’s why I filled the table below with the market’s top-notch organic services. Feel free to try any of them – safety is guaranteed!

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