TagScout Review – What Happened To This Tool?

In need of a TagScout review that will have all the information about this Instagram growth tool? Here it is!

You may have heard that TagScout shut down sometime last year. What led to that? Should you be worried if you used TagScount before? What to expect if it starts working again? And lastly, are there any TagScount Instagram alternatives?

We can start straight away with all of this. In case you’re here just for quick info on TagScout, here are the key points about this service:

TagScout Review Summary:

  • TagScout was an Instagram bot. It was canceled in 2019 because it was overly aggressive and jeopardized your account.
  • They kept charging their customers even after the services stopped working.
  • Kenji is a much safer, user-friendly IG bot.
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What Is TagScout?

A screenshot of TagScout’s home page

If you go to TagScout’s official website, you’ll see that there’s just a banner saying “Social Media Marketing.” There’s no possibility to purchase this tool anymore.

So, let me rephrase the question – What was TagScout? Why did it shut down?

TagScount was an Instagram bot. This translates to automating your IG actions (e.g., likes, follows, comments, and so on). There’s plenty of info about its former features on the Internet, so you can check them out below. You’ll also see what it did wrong so that you can stay away from similar tools.

Good marketing and user-friendly design couldn’t save this tool. 

Officially, TagScout met its demise and left the Instagram bot stage in 2020.

Namely, its bot activity kept triggering Instagram’s alarm because it was too aggressive.

Instagram would then usually notify you about restrictions and block your actions temporarily. Sometimes it even occurred without a prior warning. And if you continued to use TagScout, it could get your account shadowbanned or even permanently suspended.

What did TagScout Instagram do to prevent these actions taken by Instagram? They were trying to optimize it and ceased the bot actions. The users complained that they noticed there was no activity from the bot, and TagScout didn’t offer a proper explanation.

Hence, considering that it didn’t work for a couple of months, the TagScout shutdown was not a surprising move at all.

But that’s not even the worst part.

They refused to issue refunds to their customers, ignored their messages and requests, and kept charging their credit cards.

How Well Does TagScout Work?

TagScount doesn’t work anymore. It stopped working in 2019 because it violated Instagram’s Terms of Use, and it hasn’t been able to recover since.

TagScout Features

Let’s see what TagScout Instagram features you could get back in the day.

Automated Activity

TagScout offered to put the following features on auto-pilot for you:

  • Follow/unfollow
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Send DMs

As I’ve explained, these were too spammy. If you used TagScout to automate your engagement, it would get you blocked or banned after a day or so.

Also, from what I’ve seen, comments and DMs were quite cringy and difficult to set up (albeit the tool itself was very easy to use).

Post Scheduling

This used to be one of the most beneficial features of TagScout. Not because it was something revolutionary, though – post scheduling in advance is quite common nowadays – but because it was the only feature that wouldn’t get you suspended.

Audience Targeting

You could set up three parameters to target your audience with TagScout:

  • Location
  • Hashtags
  • Other accounts

Users also had a possibility to download a sample Excel sheet, fill it out with all the info for targeting and upload it to TagScout’s website to make the whole process easier. I have to admit that one was convenient, but once again, it was poorly executed.

Pricing of TagScout

I was able to retrace the pricing of TagScout. They had two basic packages:

Former pricing plans of TagScout

The Growth Starter was priced at $29 per month, and it offered all of the features mentioned above. The maximum number of scheduled posts was 3 a week, and you could only use their email CS.

The Premium package, billed at $69 monthly, offered faster automated actions (aka was faster to block your account), an unlimited amount of scheduled posts, and a dedicated manager.

Since more than one user complained about customer support, I believe that the whole dedicated manager thing was a lie. They didn’t even respond to their customers via email, let alone something else!

Now, let’s be fair – these price tags are not too much. Had the tool worked, I would deem it affordable. But considering that you essentially paid for something that didn’t function properly, it was definitely not worth it.

Is TagScout Legit?

There’s plenty of evidence that TagScout was a scam.

If you don’t want to waste your money, avoid unreliable tools like TagScout. They’ll get your IG account shadowbanned and won’t bring you any good.

Is TagScout Safe?

Again a firm no.

Besides being potentially dangerous for your Instagram profile, TagScout stole people’s money. Many former TagScout customers were relentlessly trying to reach their customer support to get a refund, but they had no luck.

What’s more – they couldn’t cancel their subscriptions. TagScout would automatically renew them and swindle hundreds of dollars out of their customers.

Best TagScout Alternatives

TagScout is gone (probably for good). Considering that it was a scam, it’s a good thing, right? But you may feel disappointed if you thought it was going to be your ticket to Instagram stardom. Fortunately, there are plenty of other growth tools worth your time.

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

TagScout Pros and Cons

That’s all I found out about TagScout. In the end, all that is left is to weigh out the pros and cons:

It was easy to navigateGot your actions blocked
Got your account suspended or temporarily banned
Violated Instagram’s policy
Kept charging their customers even after the features stopped working
It was impossible to get a refund
A prototype of a scam

TagScout Review: Final Thoughts

TagScout said farewell in 2020, and it was for the best. They blame it on Instagram’s algorithm, but the reality is that this tool was just not good enough.

On top of that, they refused to cancel their customers’ subscriptions a few months after their features stopped working, which was borderline fraudulent activity.

My mission is to find tools that are the exact opposite of TagScout. Out of all services that I’ve tried, those that bring you followers organically are the most efficient. Here are a couple of recommendations below.

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