StormLikes Reviews – Is It Worth it? The Full Truth

Do you need an in-depth StormLikes review that will help you decide whether this service is the right choice for you or not?

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I tested it and I combined the first-hand experience with all the StormLikes reviews I could find to make this comprehensive review.

When looking into an Instagram growth service, little doubt is always welcome since many of them turn out to be scams. 

Is it the case with StormLikes? 

Keep on reading to find out!

DISCLAIMER: Before we dive into StormLikes review, there’s a company you definitely need to check out if you want results and reliability. I’m talking about Upleap – the service which proved time and time again that they deliver everything advertised and more, without problems (which is often not the case in this market). Read more about Upleap in my detailed review here!

Back to today’s task:

StormLikes Review Summary

  • StormLikes sells followers, likes, and views at reasonable prices
  • They have secure payment options 
  • The quality of followers is not guaranteed
  • Instead of buying followers, I suggest you turn your focus to organic growth
  • Upleap, from my experience, gives the best results when you want to buy followers.
  • KENJI.AI is another high-quality service and although it is a bot, it uses advanced AI tech so it performs as if a real human.

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What Is Stormlikes?

A screenshot of the homepage of Stormlikes

StormLikes is a service that provides followers, likes, and video views for Instagram only.

Like many similar companies, Stormlikes also promises organic growth. 

But here’s the gist. 

There’s no way that buying followers, likes, and views can equal organic growth – it just doesn’t work like that.

For starters, there are no precise numbers with organic growth – you can’t be promised a certain number of followers since a real human is working on your behalf to grow your profile. Numerical promises are only a thing of bots and bought followers.

The second troubling thing is that buying followers doesn’t rule out attracting bots to your profile. 

And you know what happens when bots arrive – so does Instagram’s detection tool. 

So my reasons to seriously doubt their promise of organic growth is heavily founded. 

How Does StormLikes Work?

Stormlikes’ main selling point is that they sell real followers. What does this mean? 

It suggests that StormLikes is so certain in their service that they can promise to get you followers with solely real people behind them. 

That’s great and all, but

They have no way of checking the authenticity of those accounts. You can just as easily get bots as you can real followers. 

Another common issue with purchased followers is that many of them don’t stick around for long. 

Sometimes, even though you get real followers, they’re just not interested in your content. Plus, Instagram tends to remove bought followers once it realizes how they’re gained. 

You see what I mean when I say it’s impossible to have organic growth while buying followers? I rest my case. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying StormLikes is a scam and Instagram will shut down your profile if you use their services. 

On the contrary – StormLikes is widely popular (probably for their low prices, but I’ll get to that), and they have a huge customer base that gives them certain credibility.

All I’m pointing out is that there’s always a chance something bad happens if you get too many fake followers. 

Okay, so how does StormLikes work?

StormLikes sells dozens of packages with a certain number of followers, likes, and views, depending on what you need. 

When you visit their website, you’ll have to choose a package right away since there’s no free trial. 

Your followers, likes, and views will be delivered as soon as your payment is approved. Choose carefully since, as I mentioned, there’s no free trial and you can’t get a refund in case it doesn’t work out for you.

StormLikes Features

StormLikes is an all-Instagram service, so let’s check out what they offer. 

Buy Instagram Followers

If you’re interested in buying followers, StormLikes offers two options: high-quality followers and premium followers. 

High-quality are those with only a profile pic while premium ones are those that are active and post stuff. 

I highly recommend you to go with premium simply because there’s more chance they’re real people. 

Premiums are generally better, but for some reason, when you choose premium followers, the StormLikes page takes you to a different site. I’m not sure what’s the deal with that, but the other site seems to be completely secure. I certainly didn’t have any issues.

From what I experienced with this feature, it’s pretty decent. I got a lot of real followers, but there were a few bots in the mix as well, (luckily) not enough for Instagram to notice. 

Unfortunately, some of the real ones did go away after some time, but I reckon they weren’t from my niche. I told you something like this might happen. 

Buy Instagram Likes

This is the other feature I tested out. Buying likes from StormLikes can really work out well for one reason:

You have the option to split the likes between multiple pictures, so the number of likes across your page evens out and it seems very natural – no one will doubt the likes are bought. 

StormLikes’ likes packages are really affordable and it can be a good way to boost the impressions and engagement rate on IG. 

Buy Instagram Views

Believe it or not, you can buy up to 1 million views from StormLikes. 

This can really pay out especially since you have the option to split them between videos. 

If Instagram videos or IGTVs are your thing, views can help you out a lot. When Instagram selects which videos to promote, it looks at views before likes, so there’s a higher chance your video reaches more people if it has more views.

Buy Instagram Auto Likes

This feature is very popular and for a reason. 

You can buy a certain amount of likes that StormLikes will use to automatically like your posts as you post them. 

While it is popular, it’s also one of the priciest features. 

Pricing Of StormLikes

I mentioned that Stormlikes has a bunch of packages, but I’m only gonna show you the ones for their main feature, which is buying IG followers. The rest of them are available on their website so feel free to check them out. 

So how much do followers from StormLikes cost?

I mentioned that selecting premium followers takes you to another website. Premium followers are more expensive and they go up to $299.95.

One downside is that there’s no free trial, but the good thing is that payment gateways are completely secure, and there’s a PayPal option.

Is StormLikes Legit?

StormLikes seems to be a legit deal. 

They have a large customer base and there aren’t any complaints regarding their legitimacy. My experience further supports this, so I can say there’s nothing shady going on. 

Is StormLikes Safe?

It depends. 

Their website is secure and your information is safe, plus they don’t ask for passwords and similar data. 

However, there’s always a chance you end up with too many fake followers that put you on Instagram’s radar. This could jeopardize your IG presence.

Top StormLikes Alternatives

By now, I’m sure you’re convinced that there’s a better option than buying followers, and that’s organic growth. 

Are there worthy alternatives to purchasing followers? Of course, so make sure to check them out.

Upleap4.6Check Price
Socialfollow4.3Check Price
Nitreo4 Check Price
KENJI4Check Price

StormLikes Pros and Cons

Let’s make a quick overview of StormLikes in a list of the main pros and cons:

The service is legitimateNo free trial
Quite affordableThey don’t offer refunds
The quality of followers is questionable
You could end up with bots in your follower list
Some links take you to other sites

StormLikes Review: Final Verdict

Is StormLikes going to help you reach Instagram stardom?

Not likely. 

StormLikes is an alright service for what it is, I’m just not sure these kind of services are worth paying for. 

The thing is, buying followers is not the way to Insta stardom. The quality of followers is never guaranteed and more often than not, even the real ones disappear after a while, so you’re right where you started.

The safest and most proven strategy for IG growth is organic growth. There are numerous services that can help you achieve it, and I’ve listed a few of the best below, so give them a chance!

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