Social10x Shut Down – Why Did It Go Under? Get The Truth Here

Social10x is not the first Instagram growth service to go under. 

We see it happening all the time – these tools think they can get away with anything, but Instagram isn’t playing around. 

Indeed, more and more growth tools are shutting down due to Instagram’s updated bot detection algorithms. 

Is that what happened to Social10x? Why did Social10x shut down?

Stay tuned to find out!

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Back to today’s topic…

Social10x Review Summary:

  • Social10x turned out to be a scam.
  • It consistently delivered fake followers.
  • Purchasing engagement is not the way to IG glory.
  • Organic growth is the one to look for. 
  • I can vouch for Nitreo and Kenji– you won’t regret trying either one.

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What Is Social10x?

The first thing you need to know about Social10x is that it’s gone for good. 

They sold their domain, which is basically saying, “we’re not coming back.”

While it worked, Social10x was a marketplace for IG followers, likes, and comments. 

Perusing the reviews on Trustpilot uncovered some dark secrets about Social10x that, frankly, I wasn’t aware of before. 

When you look at Social10x’s page on Trustpilot, you’ll see that, of all reviews, 75% are 1-star and 25% are 5-star reviews.

Nothing in between. 

Considering how savage the 1-star reviews are, I wouldn’t be surprised if the glorious ones are all fake.

I mean, almost all the negative ones start with “Social10x scam!” 

Was it really a scam?

All the evidence suggests so. 

Namely, Social10x was sued by Facebook in 2019 for selling fake followers. This is enough to know they were a scam, but there was some other proof as well. 

Although proven otherwise, Social10x loudly claimed they sold only real followers.

If it were true, then why did Instagram regularly delete bought followers from their customers’ accounts?

You see, Instagram can easily figure out which followers are bought and fake, and it won’t restrain from removing them.

That’s exactly what most Trustpilot reviews say happened. 

And that’s why, when people ask me, “Which is the best Instagram followers app?” or “How do I get automatic followers on Instagram,” I say, “Don’t do it, for crying out loud!”

This may be my flair for the dramatic speaking, but, in all seriousness, purchasing followers and likes is almost always money down the drain. 

How Does Social10x Work?

Let me switch to past tense: How did Social10x work?

All you needed to do was visit their official (now deceased) website Then choose the number of followers/likes/comments that you want to purchase. 

Proceed to payment and expect them to be delivered soon; they’d arrive on the nail, which was a major red flag.

Had they been delivered gradually, there’d be less chance Instagram noticed they’re bought. This way, it’s too obvious you’re doing something shady. 

That, mixed with the questionable authenticity of bought followers and likes, meant you’d soon lose most of what you purchased.

Before you know it, you’re right where you started, only with a smaller amount in your bank account. 

That’s not even the worst thing that can happen. 

If Instagram fathoms out you’re buying followers and using a bot, they’ll ban your account without so much as how do you do. 

Features Of Social10x

As I mentioned, Social10x was a marketplace for followers, likes, and comments. Besides Instagram, it sold engagement for Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook. 

Almost all of the reviews I found talk about Instagram features solely, so I guess they were the most popular. Let’s see what they entailed.

Buy IG Followers

This was the main feature of Social10x. They sold between 500 and 5000 followers as a one-time offer. 

If you didn’t want to buy one-time deals, you had the option to purchase the so-called premium monthly Instagram followers. These included 100-1500 followers each month. 

I can’t claim that there was an issue with the delivery of purchased followers – you’d always get the number for which you paid.

The problem was with the quality of the followers. 

Although Social10x promised they’re all real people, it just wasn’t true. 

Buying IG Likes

There were two options for purchasing likes: 

  • One-time likes per post
  • Auto likes

The former one is straightforward – you buy a number of likes, they arrive on a post of your choosing. 

The auto likes were delivered to each of your posts as soon as you posted them. 

All in all, both of the options were too botty for my taste (and for Instagram as well).

Buying IG Comments

Judging by most Social10x reviews, this feature was completely useless. 

They just didn’t work well – they were too complicated to set up, the syntax was terrible, and most of the time, they had absolutely no meaning. 

Social10x Pricing

Since their website is down, I can’t check out myself, but I did manage to dig up Social10x’s price points.

The most precise info I found was regarding the followers. 

There were four one-time deals for followers: 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 followers. They went for $6, $9, $19, $29, respectively. 

The monthly packages were a bit more pricey: 100 followers went for $17/month, 500 for $28/month, 1000 cost $49/month, and the biggest one with 1500 followers was priced at $69/month. 

Likes and comments cost up to $59. The most likes you could buy was 1000.

Admittedly, these prices don’t seem too excessive. However, taking into account the quality of service, it was a waste of money after all. 

Is Social10x Legit?

I think it’s pretty clear that Social10x wasn’t legit. 

I mean, they were sued by Facebook, and they falsely claimed all of the followers were real. The fact that the lawsuit eventually resulted in a complete shutdown tells us they were never 100% legit. 

Is Social10x Safe?

There’s not much left to say here. 

Social10x could seriously jeopardize your account, so no, it wasn’t safe to use. 

Best Social10x Alternatives

I suggest you forget about purchasing followers and likes. The only safe growth method is organic, and there are numerous services that offer it.

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Social10x Pros And Cons

Let’s check out all the ups and downs of Social10x.

Easy to useIt was a scam
Sued by Facebook for selling fake followers
They deceived their customers
Instagram often removed bought followers
It wasn’t safe to use

Social10x – Final Verdict

Was Social10x’s demise justified, or was it utterly unfair?

IMO, they had it coming.

There’s no point in beating around the bush – Social10x was a scam. 

And it’s a good thing Instagram and Facebook are slowly but surely getting rid of all the scammers and money-grabbers. 

Not only is the Internet a much safer place, but there’s also more room for yet-to-be-surpassed organic growth.

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