Skweezer Reviews: Is It a Money-Squeezing Scam? All You Need to Know

There are heaps of Skweezer reviews out there, but not a single Skweezer review. If you know what I mean. None of the articles I read gave me any useful information about this service.

If you share my frustration, I’m pleased to say that your luck’s about to change.

I took on the task of reviewing Skweezer myself and left no stone unturned. Today, I’ll talk about:

  • The good and the not-so-good
  • How Skweezer operates
  • Is it a scam (as many say)?
  • Can it be useful?

For those in a hurry, there’s a blitz summary below. In case you want to learn all the (nasty) details – stay tuned!

Today I have to tell you about Upleap first. This company proved to be the best Instagram followers service in all of my reviews and comparisons. I’ve written about it in detail here – check it out!

Back to today’s topic…

Skweezer Review Summary:

  • Skweezer is no longer available
  • It sold engagement (followers, likes, comments, views)
  • There are many fake user reviews.

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What Is Skweezer?

A screenshot of Skweezer’s homepage

If you’ve come here to verify the rumor of Skweezer’s demise, I confirm that it’s true. No need to believe me; go visit their website – it’s gone.

So, naturally, the question that now lurks is, “What happened?”

To answer that, I first have to explain what Skweezer was. It was a growth service that you could buy real Instagram followers from. I mean, that’s what they said. As it turned out, unicorns are more real than what this company sold.

Also, Skweezer offered automatic likes, views, and comments, again, of poor quality. There were tons of other issues at play here. I’m barely scratching the surface.

With a resume like this, it’s not hard to figure out why it shut down.

OK, so what’s the point of this article then? 

Why read about a company that no longer exists?

Skweezer wasn’t unique by any means. It was just one scammer fish in a sea of scammer fish. Reading about it will help you learn what kind of growth tools to avoid. 

With that being said, let’s talk about the inner-workings of this once popular service.

How Does Skweezer Work?

During its “glory days,” Skweezer managed to reel in a sizable customer base. I believe they did it thanks to their compelling story about how the service works. It went something like this:

  • Skweezer had a pool of users that provided (real) engagement to their customers’ accounts.
  • In return, the “engagers” got a share of the company’s profits.
  • You, the customer, registered, purchased the engagement you wanted, and it got delivered to your profile.

Sounds like a win-win deal, right? You received real likes, followers, etc., and they got paid. 

However, things didn’t actually work as described. I’ll elaborate on this further in the following section.

Skweezer Features

Skweezer’s features were nothing out of the ordinary. Many other growth services have similar options. Yet, the features were the reason the company shut down, so it’s vital to learn more about them. I’ve listed them out for you below:

Instagram Followers

This was perhaps the most sought after feature of Skweezer. 

If you wanted to buy Instagram followers instant delivery and gradual delivery were available. There were also two kinds of followers – High-quality and Premium.

The High-quality accounts were the ones with profile pictures and posts. In other words, they appeared real.

Premium followers were a bit of a mystery. They were supposed to be better than High-quality ones in some way, but there was no mention of how or why. All the website said was that 

Premium followers were for “serious” customers, whatever that meant.

OK, so what was the issue here?

Even though some of the followers seemed to be real, most weren’t. On top of this, they dropped within days of purchasing them. Instagram probably detected the fake accounts and deleted them. All in all, purchasing this service wasn’t a good way to achieve growth at all.

Active Instagram Followers

As the name implies, active Instagram followers were the ones that engaged with your content on the regular. You bought them in bulk, same as the regular followers, but they were a tad more expensive. 

Were they really active, though? 

Some of them were, but the activity was potentially counter-productive. As I said, there were tons of fake accounts there, and Instagram didn’t like it. Receiving engagement from them could have butchered your ranking on the platform. 

Instagram Likes

Buying likes from Skweezer was much like buying apples at the farmer’s market. You chose the amount, paid, and you got them instantly.

The company sold them in packages for 30 or 60 posts. The customer selected the number of likes, and it ranged between 100 and 1000 (per post).

Both you and I know that this is not how likes work in real life. I’m trying to say that organic likes don’t arrive instantly. Instagram could tell, and it warned people who bought it not to do it again. The persistent ones were banned.

Instagram Comments

Skweezer’s comments were a double-edged sword. There were two types to choose from – automatic and custom. 

The former were, as you can guess, generic and spammy – the kind that you don’t want. 

Custom comments were potentially useful. You could write them yourself, and the service would post them through some of their users.

Instagram Views

Views were the most affordable feature. They were purchased per post in the amount that you desired. Again, just like likes, receiving them in bulk wasn’t good.

Pricing of Skweezer

Unlike many other Instagram growth services, Skweezer didn’t offer monthly or yearly subscriptions. Instead, it sold one-time packages and did it for cheap. To get an idea of what it looked like, check out the following image:

A screenshot of Skweezer's likes prices

These were their likes packages, which, as I said, could be bought per 30 or 60 posts.

Now, let’s take a look at the prices of the “non-active” followers:

A screenshot of Skweezer's followers prices

These were the pricing plans for Premium followers, which were the more expensive kind.

As you can see, their prices weren’t high. I’d even say that they were suspiciously low – too cheap to be good. If you compare their cost to that of credible growth services, you’ll see what I mean.

Your goal should be to find reasonably priced Instagram growth tools, not cheap ones. The latter are usually of poor quality.

Is Skweezer Legit?

I’d be lying if I said that Skweezer wasn’t, at least partially, legit at some point. But I’m talking about the Skweezer from a year or two ago. What they did during their final months was simply criminal. I’ll explain it in the upcoming section.

As I mentioned earlier, they really did have some genuine engagement to offer. If you check out comments from way back on, you’ll find some satisfied customers.

However, as their service started to go south, I noticed something funny. Skweezer hired an army of bots to leave positive reviews on Trustpilot. There are tons of generic 5-star reviews with nearly the same text. It’s something in the vein of “High-quality legit service.”

It was the company’s final, desperate attempt to save their reputation.

Is Skweezer Safe?

Skweezer was relatively safe before Instagram’s war on automation. After that, using it was a gamble. The platform could, and did, ban accounts that used this service.

But, this wasn’t the worst part.

A couple of months before closing, Skweezer turned into a bunch of straight-up scammers. They charged people without ever delivering any services. Some customers even paid more than once for something they never received.

Top Skweezer Alternatives

Since Skweezer isn’t with us anymore, you’ll have to find an alternative. Luckily there are many excellent options to choose from.

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Skweezer Pros and Cons

OK, let’s do a short summary of the review’s main points:

It was cheapSold (partially) fake engagement
There was a free trialIt got users blocked
Charged for services that it didn’t deliver
Didn’t reimburse the damaged customers
Plenty of fake reviews on
Follower retention was low
Couldn’t provide long term growth

Skweezer Review: Final Verdict

So, why exactly did Skweezer shut down?

In short, they operated in direct violation of Instagram’s rules. They got away with it for a while but, apparently, couldn’t do it any longer.

Skweezer should serve as an example of what growth services not to use. Stay away from those that are trying to sell you followers or any other type of engagement – it’s probably a scam.

Organic Instagram growth tools are the only ones that can provide lasting results. Keep that in mind, and good luck!

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