RocketSocial Review: What Happens When You Try It

Hey there, future Instagram big shot! Looking for a growth service to take you to the next level of IG popularity? 

Can RocketSocial help you out with this? Is it even safe to use? These are just some of the topics I’ll be covering in my RocketSocial review.

I wholeheartedly suggest you read the article before trying out this service for yourself. You might change your mind by the end of this piece.

If you want just a brief overview, you’ll find it below.

Rocket Social Key Points

  • Rocket Social is an automation tool
  • Sometimes it doesn’t deliver what you paid for
  • It may put your account at risk
  • Be careful when working with automation tools
  • A (rare) safe one is Kenji
  • Upleap and Nitreo are tried and tested organic services
  • Try them and get a 20% discount using the code GROW20

Most Popular Instagram Growth Tools Rated

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

What Is Rocket Social?

rocketsocial homepage

Rocket Social (or RocketSocial) is a growth service that automates Instagram engagement. Just like all of its competitors, it makes wild claims about being advanced, cheap, and effective. How true are these claims, though?

Not very much, I’m afraid.

Upon visiting Rocket Social website, I had a persistent feeling that I’ve seen it before. Then, I realized that the design looks just like that of Nitreo’s website. Rocket Social literally copied and pasted the layout. Technically, that’s not a crime, but let’s face it, nobody likes copycats.

Another “interesting” thing about this service is the secrecy around what it actually does. All you can find out from its website is that it’ll get you “real followers, organically.” There’s no mention of the process and actions employed to achieve this.

From my first encounter with Rocket Social, things didn’t feel right. My further research only confirmed my hunch.

To learn why this company may not be the ideal Instagram booster, check out the following part.

How Does Rocket Social Work?

As I mentioned, Rocket Social doesn’t tell you what it does and how it works. Below is a summary of the information available on their website.

When registering, you have to choose a pricing plan and give the company some info on your niche. That’s when your part ends, and the tool takes over. From that point on, their “advanced” methods will grow your account. 

This may even sound alluring to people looking for a hands-off approach. However, things aren’t as described.

In truth, Rocket Social is a classic bot that uses fake accounts to simulate organic growth. I’ll explain the process more thoroughly in the “Features” section. All you need to know for now is that it may cripple your account beyond recognition or get you blocked. Either way, it’s bad.

Features of Rocket Social

After some deep, deep digging, I managed to compile a list of Rocket Social’s features. Read to find out what this service really does.


Rocket Social says how its employees, real humans, are behind your growth. It claims that they manually engage with your target audience to avoid getting flagged by Instagram. The latter frequently happens when people use mindless bots.

Sounds great, right? Yeah, except that it’s not true.

Do you really think that someone would sit all day and follow other accounts on your behalf? Remember, you’re not their only customer, so these poor people would have to do this for dozens of other users.

The reality is that Rocket Social’s bot does all the work. It does it poorly and aggressively, which gets people action-blocked. 

On top of that, the service has an army of fake accounts ready to follow you on command. Most Rocket Social Instagram followers come from India, even though that may not be the country you targeted.

Lately, the tool doesn’t seem to function. I’ve seen numerous complaints from people who paid and haven’t received anything. 


The service allows you to target using hashtags, locations, and account names. These are pretty standard options that can produce results if used skillfully.

However, when it comes to Rocket Social, I think this feature is used only for charade purposes. What I’m trying to say is that the targeting doesn’t work well, if at all. 

It doesn’t need to work because the company already has “predetermined” followers that it’ll send you. Like I said, no matter who you target, you’ll mostly get Indian (fake) profiles.

Pricing of Rocket Social

As far as pricing is concerned, Rocket Social doesn’t complicate things. They’ve got two plans, both paid monthly, and they look something like this:

Rocket Social’s pricing

OK, so what do I think about these prices?

If I knew that Rocket Social was 100% organic and transparent, I’d say the cost is fair. But, since this service is shady as hell, it’s not worth the money.

For comparison’s sake, you can hire a credible company for the price of Rocket Social’s Starter package. That would be a much wiser investment.

Is Rocket Social Legit?

The service isn’t legit, folks. All the evidence points to that. 

Head over to and check out any 1-star Rocket Social Instagram review. You’ll notice one word recurring over and over – scam. Most people say how the tool either got them action blocked, gained them fake followers, or didn’t do anything at all.

Is Rocket Social Safe?

I don’t think it is. As I said earlier, Rocket Social may get you action-blocked or ruin your reputation with fake followers. Also, the company isn’t keen on giving refunds or even responding to customers’ messages.

Top Rocket Social Alternatives

Now that you know that Rocket Social isn’t the best choice, take a look at a few legit growth services below. I guarantee that these won’t get you in trouble.

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

Rocket Social Pros and Cons

That was a lot of information, huh? Let’s extract the most relevant points:

Free trial availableIt provides fake followers
It got many people flagged by IG
Sometimes it doesn’t deliver anything
Not the cheapest service out there
Their website is a copy of Nitreo’s
They don’t respond to refund requests

Rocket Social Review: The Bottom Line

You can’t expect too much good to come from Rocket Social. It appears that the company is only able to take one’s money and then retreat into silence. I wish it wasn’t so, but those are facts.

If Rocket Social can teach us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t trust such a service before learning more about it. 

I hope this doesn’t discourage you from using growth tools, as there definitely are some excellent ones. You can check out a few great companies in the following table.

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