Likegrowers Review – Is It Reliable Or Not? The Truth

Are you in dire need of an unbiased Likegrowers review? I feel you. 

Recently, I searched for an encompassing review of this service, and let’s just say – I had no luck. So, I took it upon me to write one, and here it is!

After super-thorough research, I gathered my thoughts and poured it all here for you. 

If you’re short on time, take a glance at the quick summary below – it’ll tell you all you need to know.

Likegrowers: Quick Overview

  • Likegrowers is an auto-liker service.
  • Using Likegrowers can result in an action block.
  • It’s not the safest way to grow on Insta.
  • The most proven method for IG development is organic growth.
  • Some reliable, organic services include Nitreo, Kenji, and Upleap.
  • They come with a discount code GROW20 that gets you 20% off for good.

Most Popular Instagram Growth Tools Rated

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

What Is Likegrowers?

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The answer to this question is straightforward: Likegrowers is an auto-liker tool. 

They call themselves a professional auto-liker, although I don’t know what the adjective has to do with it since it’s a regular bot. 

Nevertheless, that’s what they call it. 

The company also swears the interaction is organic and safe and that their service is 100% secure.

Their homepage boasts of a high rating from previous users. Reportedly, it’s 4.8 out of 5 stars. 

I’m always suspicious when it comes to reviews and ratings on services’ websites. They’re usually fake, and I’m sensing it’s the case with Likegrowers too. 

My suspicion is further backed by all the Trustpilot reviews that carry a negative sentiment. I will always believe those more than the glorious reviews companies try to sell us. 

As for their website, well, it’s a mess, to put it mildly. Only when I thoroughly investigated it did I realize Likegrowers has a set of tools; it’s not just one. 

They are, for some weird reason, listed at the bottom of their homepage. These tools include: 

  • Instagram Makeup Artist Tool
  • Instagram Influencer Tool
  • Instagram Restaurants Tool
  • Instagram Travel Bloggers Tool

What really baffled me is that all four of them come with identical features; the only different thing is the name. 

Is this some sort of marketing trick or what? 

Who knows. 

How Does Likegrowers Work?

Well, if you’re to believe Trustpilot reviews, it doesn’t really work. 

I’ve found a great many reviews that pose the question: Why is Likegrowers not working?

The truth is that the service simply stops working after a while. 

You sign up, it’s all good for some time, and then, inexplicably, it just ceases all operations. 

And this happened to more users than I could count, so we can’t just dismiss it as an occasional bug.

It is, indeed, a serious issue. 

And that’s not all, folks. 

Every now and then, I’d come upon a review that reports IG account being action blocked or banned due to high bot activity brought upon by Likegrowers.

How To Use Likegrowers?

Likegrowers doesn’t have a free trial, so you can’t test the waters. Once you sign up with an email, a password, and an IG username (no IG password required, thankfully), you have to select a package and pay right away.

The next step involves setting up a few targeting filters. After that, you just have to let the app like all of the posts related to those filters automatically. 

And that’s where the problem lies. In that one word – automatically. 

The main issue is that Likegrowers does it all on autopilot and often overdoes it. 

It just doesn’t know when to stop. 

And when it likes thousands of posts or spends hours liking stuff, that’s when Instagram realizes you’re using a bot. 

What follows is an action block, or the ultimate punishment – a permanent ban. 

Features Of Likegrowers

The four tools I mentioned above all have the same features, about which I’ll tell you now. 

Describing Your Niche

You’re obligated to tell Likegrowers all about your niche so the tool can know who to target. 

It does so on three levels:

  • Hashtags –  choose as many as you want; just make sure they’re related to your niche.
  • Location tags – go with specific geotags, such as places and venues.
  • Users – when you leave IG usernames, Likegrowers will like posts of their followers.


This feature allows you to block certain users, tags (geo and hash), and captions. Should you choose to use this feature, just know it might not always work. 

The success rate of the blacklist feature is around 50%. 

Unlimited Accounts

This is one of the best things about Likegrowers, and it’s not something I often get to see in this business.

Likegrowers offers you to connect as many accounts as you want, without extra fees. 

Likegrowers Pricing

One thing I have to say about Likegrowers is that they’re not greedy. Far from it. 

They offer support for an unlimited number of accounts without extra expenses, and they’re quite affordable.

These are their price points:

Prices for Likegrowers’ packages

The largest one with a quarter of a million likes goes for $49.99 a month. 

Payment options include credit card, PayPal, Stripe, iDeal, and Sofort. You gotta appreciate the inclusiveness.

As for the refunds, they do offer some, but only if you request it within 7 days of purchase and you used less than 1,000 likes from the package. 

Oh, and the subscription is not automatically renewed; you have to do it manually each month. 

Is Likegrowers Legit?

Likegrowers just has too many ill practices to be considered legit, starting with the fact it just stops working after a while. What’s up with that?

Furthermore, it got so many people action blocked or banned. 

I just can’t, in good conscience, call it legit. 

Is Likegrowers Safe?

As I said, when a service gets so many clients in trouble with Instagram, I simply cannot call it safe. 

Not entirely safe anyway. 

It is safe, though, as far as website and payment options go.

Top Likegrowers Alternatives

Are you wondering what is the best Likegrowers alternative? Take a look below:

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

Likegrowers Pros And Cons

Before you go, I’d like to tell you all about Likegrowers’ advantages and disadvantages.

Affordable pricesUnexpectedly stops working after a while
Works with an unlimited number of accountsHigh chance of getting action blocked or banned for using it
No free trial
Hard to get a refund
Doesn’t yield real results

Likegrowers – Final Verdict

If you ask me point-blank, “Should I give Likegrowers a shot?” my answer would have to be no. 

The cons outweigh the pros, and the tool brings more harm than good. 

Sure, it’s cheap, but in the end, it’s still not worth it. 

For the same price, you can employ a reliable growth service that provides organic growth, like the ones I listed below.

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