Like4Like Review – Is It A Scam? Learn Here Quickly

I’m back with another report – today, I present to you my Like4Like review.

As this Instagram marketing service offers free Instagram likes, it’s no wonder that you are searching through Like4Like reviews, trying to find out whether it is legit and is it really free.

To answer all of your queries about this service and spare you the time for research, I’ve tried its features and laid it all out in a couple of paragraphs.

Is getting free likes on Instagram a scam?

Firstly, check out the summary of my findings, and then you can read more about the whole experience if you’re interested.

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Back to today’s topic:

Like4Like Review Summary:

  • Like4Like is safe for your IG and will get you a certain amount of likes
  • It’s questionable where the likes come from (most likely bots)
  • The service is indeed free, and there are no additional fees
  • Some people recommended Buzzoid as an alternative. However, it isn’t safe for your Instagram account.
  • You’ll be better off with services that grow your IG organically (with real likes and followers). 
  • I can vouch for Nitreo and Kenji to be completely reliable and efficient.

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What Is Like4Like?

like4like's homepage

Like4Like is a service that gets you free Instagram likes.

My first task was to determine whether the likes are really completely free. Oftentimes, I see the word “free” in the sense that just the initial download or sign up is free, and you have to make in-app purchases to make the service work.

Not with Like4Like, though – it is entirely free, and they won’t ask you to pay for anything when you start using it.

Now, the next question that naturally poses is: What is the quality of their services?

I could count the number of times I saw free services that were great. And Like4Like is not exactly one of them.

It isn’t terrible, either – for free, you could get a number of likes on your posts, but the whole “real people” advertisement they put out on their website is fake. It’s obvious that the services are automatized and that they interact with bot accounts to get you free likes.

How Does Like4Like Work?

When I first heard the name of this service, it reminded me of popular hashtags that were used on Instagram not that long ago: #like4like, #follow4follow, etc. – don’t you agree?

Well, the principle behind Like4Like is basically the same, except they (most probably) use bots to achieve it.

It uses your likes to get likes from other accounts similar to you. The issue is that many of them are fake, which means these likes will not be there for long.

Also, you cannot control the trading process. The app sends your likes whoever they want to, and vice versa. This equals automation and reminds me of an Instagram bot, although Like4Like is not formally recognized as one.

The good thing is that Instagram is not that restrictive of likes, and it won’t suspend your account if you use Like4Like (whereas it probably would if it brought you followers instead of likes).

How to Use Like4Like?

You can use Like4Like in three different ways: as a Google Chrome extension, onsite, and as an Android app.

I’ve tried the former two ways. If you’re not too eager to use third-party Chrome extensions, it’s perfectly understandable, though this one does not seem to ask for many information permissions.

If you prefer, you can simply log in with your IG credentials from their official website. Here I didn’t like the fact that they asked for my IG password, but there was no sign that they misused it later on.

The only version of the service I haven’t tried is the Android app on Google Play Store, but according to the number of downloads (over 5,000) and the average grade (above 4.5), I’d say it works in a similar fashion.

Like4Like Features

All Like4Like features revolve around the same thing: free Instagram likes.

I dissected them into different aspects so that you can gain a clearer picture of how the service works.

Free Likes

So, Like4Like automatically likes other users’ posts and sends likes back to you. If I’m correct, the number of likes that they sent from my profile was the same number of likes that I received.

Now, that’s cool, but there’s not really a way to control this process. It functions as a bot that operates automatically.

You cannot choose who you give your likes to, and vice-versa. Many accounts are fake or bots.

Which brings me to the next aspect:

Audience Targeting

Like4Like fails to target your audience properly, which means that, even if the likes come from real people as they claim, these people aren’t necessarily interested in your profile. 

And what’s the consequence? They will leave.

The company does claim that they direct likes of users from your sphere of interest to you, but it proved to be untrue when I tried it. 

I didn’t expect it to be true, either – I mean, for users to be targeted, many people from your niche would have to use Like4Like at the same time as you, and the tool is not really all that popular.

Pricing of Like4Like

As I’ve said earlier, Like4Like is completely free.

You just need to hit the button “Start getting likes now,” install their extension or download the app, and you can use the service.

Features that you get with this free tool are summed up in two words: free likes. While that may satisfy some users, it’s still not enough. I wish Like4Like developers came up with a way to broaden their services, even if some of the packages were paid.

That would give users much more potential and possibilities.

Is Like4Like Legit?

There’s not enough info on who is behind Like4Like, so I cannot say for certain.

That said, there’s the possibility to reach out to them via the “Contact Us” button on the official Like4Like website, and they will get back to you via your email address.

Still, they are not very quick to respond. Considering the fact that the service is simple and free, and there’s not much to know besides I’ve just told you in this review, this isn’t a major downside. I had no questions for customer support.

Is Like4Like Safe?

As the service is free, there’s no payment gateway or something like that, but their website is entirely secure. The same could be said for the cell phone app. I don’t trust Chrome extensions always, but this one has limited access to your personal data.

Like4Like does bring a number of bot accounts to your profile, which could be risky. But they manage to surpass Instagram’s algorithm, so I wouldn’t say that the tool is unsafe for your account, either.

The only thing that bugged me is that they ask for your IG login information, but so far, I haven’t detected any suspicious logins, activities, or anything similar.

Top Like4Like Alternatives

OK – you will receive some free Instagram likes with Like4Like, but they will be scarce, and some of them will disappear. Plus, you don’t get followers, comments, and other important aspects of Instagram fame.

What are the alternatives, then, that will truly boost your traffic and conversions?

You will find your pick amongst the most popular Instagram growth tools.

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Like4Like Pros and Cons

I’ll give Like4Like a quick once-over by listing its advantages and disadvantages for your convenience:

Entirely free; no hidden chargesMost of the likes you receive come from fake accounts and bots
Won’t get your account blockedLikes oftentimes disappear
There are no extra features
They don’t use audience targeting
The onsite version requires your IG password
Isn’t operated by real people

Like4Like Review: Final Verdict

Like4Like is an OK service to get a couple of free Instagram likes, but nothing more than that.

On the bright side, it won’t get your account blocked like some other tools. It is what I expected it to be, and I didn’t end up disappointed. I mean, the service is entirely free – it doesn’t get cheaper than that – so you cannot expect wonders.

But if you want to up your game, you should go down the organic growth lane. Here are a couple of tools that can be helpful in the table below.

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