Kenji Instagram Review – Is It Really Good? The Truth

Are you on the lookout for an honest Kenji Instagram review? If so, you’re at the right place because I’m about to answer:

  • Does Kenji Work Instagram?
  • Is it safe for your account?
  • Will it help you build your Instagram presence?
  • What happened when I tested it?
  • Is it expensive?

Keep scrolling to read all of the answers in my Kenji Instagram bot review. Oh, and if you just want to know the elementary things about it and is it good, you can check out the summary below.

Kenji Instagram Review Summary:

  • Kenji Instagram is one of the rare Instagram bots that are actually safe for your account and work
  • It’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Some mention Jarvee as an Instagram bot alternative, but I found that Kenji was more efficient
  • And if you want to focus on a completely different strategy and hire organic services instead, Nitreo and Upleap are good examples.
  • Enjoy 20% OFF their subscription plans with the discount code GROW20 that doesn’t expire.

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What is Kenji Instagram?

a screenshot of kenji's homepage

Kenji Instagram is an Instagram bot that puts your account on auto-pilot by performing tasks instead of you (such as like, follow, view, etc.).

If that puts you off, it’s understandable.

Instagram has strict policies regarding bots, and if it detects automated activity, it could jeopardize your account.

That’s why I set out to test this bot for three months and make an all-encompassing Kenji IG review.

To my pleasure, it proved to be much more efficient and user-friendly for your account than the majority of bots.

I’m not sure what’s the primary reason behind it, but I assume it is because Kenji Instagram uses AI (artificial intelligence) technology to perform the actions.

In that way, it seems to strike the right balance between positive engagement on the one hand and not being obvious and aggressive on the other.

Furthermore, their website is neat, as well as the interface of the app. They have a blog and a helpful FAQ section in addition to genuine customer reviews, which is always nice to see.

How Kenji Instagram Works?

Kenji Instagram utilizes its AI-powered tools to mimic your behavior and thus engages with other accounts in a user-friendly way without triggering Instagram’s alarm.

Also, I found that it interacts with genuine users, unlike many other bots that do so with fake and bot accounts. I believe this is another of their successful strategies to avoid detection. The audience seems to be targeted, too.

I’ll tell you more about its actions in the “features” section, so if that’s your main interest, you can skip to it and see what to expect.

If you wanted to use Kenji Instagram, you should go to the official website ( and hit “sign up now.” After you provide them with your email and Instagram username, you can download the tool. It can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

I’m not always happy when an Instagram growth service has to be downloaded, but the whole process with Kenji Instagram felt transparent. I scanned it with reliable antivirus software just to make sure that it’s safe, and it is.

The next step would be to go to the Kenji Instagram dashboard and set up some parameters for audience targeting. From there on, the bot will silently run in the background and do its thing.

Features of Kenji Instagram

Here’s what I can tell you about Kenji Instagram’s features after trying them out for three months.


Kenji’s AI algorithm makes use of the parameters that you set (hashtag and location filters) to find the people that are most likely to be interested in what you can offer.

This is – and I cannot emphasize this enough – one of the most important things to get right with Instagram bots.

Most of them just randomly interact with accounts, which can’t bring you any good. Either Instagram notices that you are engaging with bots, or they leave right away.

But, by implementing all the filters you specify, Kenji Instagram manages to target the right audience and bring it to your profile.


Here’s what Kenji Instagram can do on your behalf:

  • Like other users’ posts
  • Follow and unfollow people
  • View their stories
  • React to live videos

Blacklist & Whitelist

Thanks to Kenji Instagram’s additional features like this, you can create a blacklist of users and keywords you don’t want to be connected with, which can come in handy.

Also, you can whitelist your friends, and Kenji Instagram will not unfollow them, even if they accidentally don’t follow you back or something like that.

Pricing of Kenji Instagram

Kenji Instagram offers two tariff packages:

an image showing kenji's pricing plans

The Start package should cater to the needs of an average user. It has all of the automated options but doesn’t include hashtag and user targeting. It is billed at $47 per month.

If you want to truly skyrocket your IG following, though, you should try their Pro package. For $78 a month, you get all of the features mentioned above, plus smart AI optimization and priority customer support.

Oh, and there’s also a two-week money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you decide that this tool is not quite what you need (though, honestly, I doubt you will), the company will issue you a refund.

Is Kenji Instagram Legit?

The answer is: Yes, IMO, Kenji Instagram is legit.

Unlike other bots, they don’t provide fake claims nor hide the nature of their services. And the reason is simple: it’s because they don’t violate Instagram’s Terms and Conditions and won’t scam you.

Is Kenji Instagram Safe?

Kenji Instagram is safe, both for your IG account and for your data.

Their website is secure, and the payment gateway is verified. What is more, their software doesn’t contain any malware and won’t compromise your data.

Kenji Instagram Alternatives

Albeit Kenji Instagram is a tool worth your shot, you may be looking for something else than a bot?

Take a look at the organic services that can be a good Kenji Instagram alternative:

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

Kenji Instagram Yeas and Nays

Let’s recap everything I’ve said so far about Kenji Instagram:

Efficient audience targetingYou have to download the tool to use it
Interacts with genuine accounts
Won’t put your account at risk
Instagram doesn’t detect its bot activity
Safe to use
A legit company

Kenji Instagram: Final Words

Finally, an Instagram bot that won’t jeopardize your account? Yes!

I’m always glad when I stumble upon such a tool and can write a review about it.

On top of that, Kenji Instagram manages to target your audience properly.

And if you want to switch to organic growth (or make use of both strategies), you can always refer to the table below.

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