Instoo Review – Will It Plummet Your Growth?

Having trouble finding a reliable Instoo review that is objective and completely honest? Stop your search because you’re in the right place!

I did an extensive background check so that you wouldn’t have to, and there is much more to the Instoo Chrome extension besides it being marketed as a “free Instagram bot.” 

For those of you that are too busy to read the entire article, I’ve compiled a summary to make your search easier:

Instoo Review Summary:

  • Instoo is a chrome extension that can be added to your browser
  • Besides Instagram features, Instoo offers features across several apps
  • However, this automation bot is cheap & unreliable
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What is Instoo?

An image of Instoo’s homepage

Right off the bat, upon entering their website, you are bombarded with “supercharge your growth” and “cutting-edge tool.” 

But, what Instoo really is perhaps isn’t covered by those superlatively charged notions of it. 

Instoo is a Chrome extension automation tool – in its essence, it’s supposed to help you expand across the platform and acquire organic growth.

How Instoo Works?

Instoo is a Chrome extension that you have to install into your web browser for it to work. 

Browser extensions are incredibly unsafe to use. 

All of them are potentially putting you and your precious information at risk. They can track your web activity, download your passwords as well as your personal information.

This is a huge red flag and a potential security breach. 

If, by any chance, you are willing to overlook it, Instoo operates as any other standard Instagram bot does: it starts following/unfollowing random profiles (this includes fake ones too), and some of them might check your profile out. 

Instoo Features

Instoo’s features don’t differ significantly from those of your classic Instagram bots. They utilize automation to appeal to the people in your niche. 

And while they offer automation features for Twitter and TikTok, I have only tested those that apply to Instagram. Let’s take a look at them: 


Your standard automated actions that include automated like/view/follow/unfollow are the proper shortcut to getting your account banned by Instagram.

You’ll need to be very wise while using Instoo to stay under Instagram’s bot detection radar. 

While they claim that their model utilizes a different, innovative automated method, the fact that Instoo is a Chrome extension bot speaks differently. 

While test-driving this feature under controlled conditions, I was able to gain a few followers, but they weren’t very active or engaging. 

Audience Targeting

This is a basic feature that only offers two options for audience targeting – either through hashtags or specific account usernames.

In my experience, this isn’t the best method to create the most optimal reach when it comes to expanding the audience. 

Automated DMs

Automated DMs have to be the most useless feature of an Instagram bot. However, Instoo offers it, so I was bound to test it out.

If other automated actions don’t put you in Instagram’s banning way, sending automated DMs certainly will. 

Besides, who likes receiving (oftentimes inappropriate) automated DMs? It certainly drives out the human touch.

Automation Frequency Adjustment

This feature of Instoo will allow you to control the frequency at which automatic actions occur.

If you choose to use Instoo, it is best to keep the slider at a very low. 

Otherwise, continually using auto-actions will get your account banned by Instagram.

Customer Support

The most interesting feature as offered by Instoo – live, 24/7 customer support feature, regardless of the pricing package you choose.

However, their customer support isn’t exactly up to date. Should you need immediate assistance, you will most likely get an automated message that says: “Will reply in 8 hours”.

Pricing of Instoo

Let’s take a look at Instoo’s pricing plans:

A screenshot of Instoo’s pricing plan list

As you can see, Instoo offers three distinct packages, and the fact is that they are very, very cheap. Firstly, there is a two-week free trial period that lets you have a taste of Instoo’s features. 

The three pricing plans are separated into three packages – monthly, yearly, and AppSumo Lifetime Deal

I tested Instoo out using the monthly package. Besides their website, another red flag was the suspiciously low price. 

This, of course, doesn’t mean that expensive tools are necessarily better. Affordability, along with functionality, is vital.

And then there’s the fact that Instoo is advertised as a “free Instagram bot,” which it’s not.

Is Instoo Legit?

The most natural question to ask before you decide to use the features of an Instagram bot like this is: “Is Instoo legit?” 

Based on the questionable reviews on their website and the lack of genuine reviews on Trustpilot, Instoo doesn’t paint a good picture of itself.

Their website lacks comprehensive contact, and the customer support pages don’t do them any favors.

After testing their services, I am inclined to say that Instoo isn’t legit.

Is Instoo Safe?

Instoo poses a triple threat – it’s marketed in an attractive package, as a “free Instagram bot.” Yes, it indeed is free – for the first days. 

Secondly, it is a Chrome extension. Bots in the form of browser extensions are precisely what you should steer clear of.

They have access to all your private data, such as web activity and passwords. The majority of popular extensions are hijacked and, more often, sold to shady companies.

Thirdly, their payment system appears to be sketchy as I couldn’t confirm that it is 100% safe.

Top Instoo Alternatives

As an alternative to Instoo, you want a tool that won’t stunt your growth but provide the much needed organic growth with increased functionality and reliability. Some of them helped me jumpstart my own accounts!

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

Instoo Pros and Cons

You can check out my rock-solid opinion of Instoo here: 

A free trial is availableIt’s a Chrome extension, which makes your sensitive data more available for exploitation
There aren’t many authentic reviews
It’s just another bot
Questionably cheap services
The payment method isn’t secure
Slows your browser down

Instoo Review: Final Verdict

When you add a security breach, dicey payment gateway, and an Instagram bot and mix them all together, you get Instoo – precisely what you need to stay away from.

With me being unable to locate reliable reviews of Instoo and with as many obvious red flags, you need not compromise your accounts with such an unreliable tool.

Especially when there are many safer, much more reliable tools that can provide organic growth and bring authentic traffic to your account – just check my alternatives!

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