Instaswell Review: Should You Trust It With Your Money?

If you’ve been wondering about trying Instaswell, this article will let you in on all you need to know. In today’s Instaswell review, I’ll go over the key questions such as:

  • Does Instaswell work?
  • Is it worth your money?
  • Will it compromise your account?
  • What are the best alternatives?

Those of you who don’t want to bother reading the entire review, check out the summary. I recommend reading the whole text, though. It may teach you some useful information.

Instaswell – The Essentials:

  • Instaswell is an automation bot
  • It’s been around for a long time
  • I couldn’t find any Instaswell reviews by its customers 
  • Kenji is a more effective automation tool
  • Use it alongside organic growth services like Upleap
  • In case you decide to try them, the code GROW20 gets you 20% off for good

Most Popular Instagram Growth Tools Rated

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

What is Instaswell?

A picture of Instaswell’s homepage

Instaswell is a name with a long history. It’s been around for about seven years now, and it claims to have served 200K customers in that time. 

It sure sounds promising, doesn’t it? 

However, in the online world, where schemes and frauds are plentiful, longevity doesn’t guarantee quality. You can’t trust any growth service until you try it out for yourself. That’s just what I did, and now I’ll tell you what I learned.

Instaswell is an automated engagement tool; some would call it a bot. It performs Instagram tasks like viewing, liking, following, and unfollowing. The service sticks to the bare essentials and doesn’t offer any extravagant features.

Is this good or bad? It depends on what you’re looking for. But, I can tell you one thing for sure – you can’t expect it to boost your profile much.

Instaswell functions, it is affordable, but at the end of the day, it’s not as effective as it’d like you to think.

In the next few sections, I’ll explain the mechanism behind the tool and whether it can be of any use to you.

How Instaswell Works?

Using Instaswell is very straightforward. You hop over to and sign in with your Instagram username and password.

Personally, I don’t like giving my password to third-party apps like this one. This means that the company will have full access to your account, and who knows what they could do with it. Still, for the sake of research, I bit the bullet and signed in.

After that, all that’s left to do is adjust your targeting options and let the app run. It will proceed to like, view, follow, and unfollow the accounts that you targeted. It performs the tasks, but you probably won’t get much out of them. At least I didn’t. 

I believe the issue lies with the number of actions it does, and I’ll talk more about it in the upcoming section.

Before I forget, Instaswell offers a free trial, so there’s no need to pay straight away.

Features of Instaswell 

Instaswell basically has two features, and now I’m going to explain all about them:

Auto Engagement

As I previously mentioned, the core of Instaswell lies in its automated engagement. It does the same things as dozens, if not hundreds of other growth tools.

There’s one thing that sets Instaswell apart from most of its competitors, though. This service limits the number of likes and follows per day to avoid getting flagged by Instagram. 

However, this approach is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, you (probably) won’t get action-blocked for using this app. On the other hand, such a small number of interactions (likes, follows) won’t get you far, not with Instaswell’s targeting. Read more about the latter in the “Targeting” section.

I’d be reluctant to say the same about views. The app can perform up to 500K of them per day, which I believe is more than enough for Instagram to notice you. If you want to stay safe, don’t go crazy with this feature.

Targeting and Filters

Instaswell’s targeting options include hashtags, locations, and account usernames whose followers you’re after. These are pretty basic parameters, and you’ll find them with most other companies. Aside from that, there is a word/hashtag filter and an anti-spam filter. 

The feature works with mixed success. Sometimes it engages with the right accounts, and sometimes it misses by a long shot. 

The issue here is that Instaswell limits its likes and follows to only several hundred a day. For it to work, you need highly refined, personalized targeting, which this feature cannot provide. 

Instaswell’s targeting isn’t bad per se; it just isn’t precise enough.

Pricing of Instaswell

Instaswell is one of the cheapest growth services around. Here, see for yourself:

A picture of Instaswell’s pricing plan

You’ve got to hand it to them – the names of their pricing plans are adorable.

There’s the free Breeze package, which is only good if you want auto story views. 20 likes a day won’t produce any results.

The remaining three plans may have some utility. I’d argue all of them are pretty safe to use unless you go crazy with story views. 

Is Instaswell Legit?

I believe that Instaswell is a legit growth tool. The service functions and performs the actions as promised. They won’t boost your profile a lot, but at least you’ll get what you purchased.

The only thing that concerns me is the complete absence of customer reviews. Instaswell isn’t featured on or any other similar website. 

Is Instaswell Safe?

I can’t say with confidence that Instaswell is completely safe. Don’t get me wrong, I had no safety issues with it, but the fact that I had to give it my password bothers me. You never know whether this action can turn into a security breach. 

Their website is safe and HTTPS certified, so you don’t have to worry about your data being compromised.

Top Instaswell Alternatives

If Instaswell isn’t cutting it for you, here are some of the leading organic growth services on the market.

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

Instaswell Pros and Cons

Let’s quickly go over the benefits and drawbacks of Instaswell:

Affordable It cannot produce significant growth
Straightforward setupThe FAQ page is missing
Instagram may detect its auto views
Targeting isn’t very efficient
No real user reviews
No 24/7 customer support

Instaswell: Final Word

Instaswell is a functioning growth tool that some users may find beneficial. It’s not overly aggressive (except in the case of story views), so chances are that it won’t get you in trouble.

Its main downside is that it isn’t capable of producing significant growth. Yes, it’s cheap, yes, it’s relatively safe, but it isn’t potent.

While I won’t persuade you not to use Instaswell, I will suggest you try some other services. You can check out a few companies with amazing track records below.

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