InstaRabbit Review – Is It a Bot in Disguise? All You Need to Know

Your search for a candid InstaRabbit review can finally end here because I will tell you all about this service, including:

  • What is InstaRabbit app like?
  • Is it fairly-priced?
  • What does InstaRabbit Instagram do?
  • Is it indeed an organic service?

First, I did some digging on its past, and then I used it for two months. So, all you read here is based on firsthand experience with the tool.

If you want a short version, here is it. And if it sparks up your interest in InstaRabbit (or some alternatives), keep scrolling!

InstaRabbit Review Summary:

  • InstaRabbit claims to be an organic growth service, but – spoiler alert – it’s an Instagram bot
  • It can pose a risk to your account
  • The safest IG bot, according to my tests, is AI-driven Kenji. And, unlike InstaRabbit, it doesn’t hide its real nature or cause an action-block.
  • If you want to stick to services that indeed provide organic growth, do check out Upleap and Nitreo.
  • Did someone say discounts? Yes! You can use the promo code GROW20 for 20% OFF their subscriptions indefinitely.

Most Popular Instagram Growth Tools Rated

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

What is InstaRabbit?

instarabbit homepage

What’s the first association that comes to your mind when you hear “InstaRabbit?” Probably something like – ultra-rapid IG growth.

And unfortunately, it’s too rapid to stay below Instagram’s radar. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Firstly, I want to emphasize how they claim to be the only service that complies with Instagram’s strict algorithm. Incorrect. I’ve come across quite a few.

Next, they tell you that they bring you exclusively organic growth. Again false.

It is all BUT organic. They mostly automatize your Insta actions and bring bot and fake followers to your profile. If you’re interested to learn about that in more detail, skip to the “InstaRabbit Features” section.

The main problem is that using InstaRabbit can get you action-blocked really quickly. And if you decide to continue using it, it might even get you temporarily shadowbanned, and that’s no fun.

How InstaRabbit Works?

In order to use InstaRabbit, you have to sign up for their account using an email and password. Then it asks you to connect your Instagram account with the InstaRabbit account. 

This is also the part where they ask you to leave a short description of your goal – things like your niche, your preferred audience, your content, etc.

Then you choose one of the two InstaRabbit pricing packages (I’ll dissect them later on), and that’s it.

What follows is the shadiest part: Supposedly, you are immediately assigned your InstaRabbit account manager, who will help you reach your goals.

instarabbit account manager

But I – along with many InstaRabbit’s customers that left reviews on Trustpilot – wasn’t able to actually speak to my account manager. You can only communicate through messages, and let’s just say she sounded like a bot.

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised, but this surely left me underwhelmed.

InstaRabbit Features

Here are the main InstaRabbit features:

Engagement Increase

This feature is basically their promise that they will deliver a certain amount of likes per post, but it always triggers Instagram’s alarm.

Hashtag Strategy

Your account manager (read: their bot) will provide you with a hashtag strategy to maximize the engagement.

This is basically a list of suggested popular hashtags for you to use.

Dedicated Account Manager

In the more expensive package, they include a personal manager who will contact you immediately after you sign up (via messages) and should help you grow.

The manager is supposedly an expert in growing social media accounts and marketing.

Based on my communication with the supposed account manager, that didn’t seem like a real person. It was worse than talking to Siri!

Go Viral

They say that they provide “a golden hour” feature that will make you go viral and show up on everyone’s Explore page on Instagram.

This feature is based on the logic that you get the most engagement two hours after posting something and that’s when they perform “manual actions.”

Manual Activity (But Not Really)

Their promise is that Instagram actions (such as like, follow and view) are not performed automatically but manually.

This isn’t true. The tasks are automated, and even that isn’t done correctly. It’s exaggerated, and Instagram sees right through it.

Audience Targeting

You are able to target accounts by location, hashtags, and target competitors. In addition to that, they ask you to specify your goals and such.

This should be one of the most useful features growth services can provide, but it doesn’t work. 

The followers you gain and the users it interacts with are mainly fake profiles, which won’t bring you anywhere.

Community Pods

When you sign up with InstaRabbit, you are categorized into the so-called “Community Pods” that comprise of people who fall under your niche. Again, this sometimes seems random, and I couldn’t make any use of it.

Pricing of InstaRabbit

InstaRabbit offers two tariff plans: the Viral and the VIP one.

instarabbit pricing plan

The Viral plan costs $49 monthly and includes 300 likes per post, community pods, and hashtag analytics.

The VIP plan is billed at $129 a month and offers everything in the Viral, plus the manager and target audience filters.

It is for Instagrammers with deep pockets, but there wouldn’t be an issue with that, had the service performed as it should.

Also, there is a 3-day free trial, but after it ends, you will be billed automatically.

Is InstaRabbit Legit?

I wouldn’t say that InstaRabbit is legit. Firstly, there are spelling mistakes on their official website, like “guaranee.”

But – more importantly – they conceal the real nature of their services and tell you they’ll provide organic growth where they won’t. I call that a scam.

Is InstaRabbit Safe?

I wouldn’t say that it is. It won’t steal your credit card info, but that’s about it when it comes to its safety.

It can harm your account and get you blocked and banned because IG registers it as a bot.

Also, it’s near to impossible to get a refund.

Best InstaRabbit Alternatives

There are definitely better alternatives to InstaRabbit. They are much more affordable, plus they work properly and safely while growing your account organically.

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

InstaRabbit Pros and Cons

To sum it up:

Free trial offeredCharges you automatically
Attracts fake accounts
Can get you action-blocked and shadowbanned
Misleading advertising
There isn’t an account manager

InstaRabbit: The Verdict

From my experience with InstaRabbit, my final words have to be: I do not recommend it.

For the money they are charging, you can get much better services that will actually skyrocket your Instagram account.

The unparalleled option remains organic growth, and there are a bunch of tools that can help you with that. Refer to the table below for some recommendations.

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