Instaheap Review – Is It Really Shut Down? The Full Truth

Did Instaheap shut down for good?

Rumor has it that the infamous Instagram growth service really did close its doors forever. But is there any merit to it, or is it only hearsay?

To bring you the long-overdue truth, I wrote this Instaheap review.

Stick around till the end to learn the full story, but if you’ve only got time for a TL;DR variant, I’ve included a synopsis of my review below. 

What are you waiting for? Dig in!

Instaheap Main Takeaways:

  • Instaheap closed down permanently.
  • It was an overly aggressive bot that got people banned time and time again.
  • Bots are not the way to grow your account; at least not safe ones.
  • If you’re keen on using a bot, go with an advanced, reliable one like
  • You can never go wrong with organic services, such as Nitreo or Flock Social.
  • GROW20 is the code you can use to gain 20% off the price for life (works on all three).

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What Is Instaheap?

Old homepage of Instaheap

Talking about Instaheap requires the use of past tenses since the service powered down in 2018.

Before going under, it was a classic Instagram bot; nothing we haven’t seen a million times before. Some say it was OK; some say it was a nightmare. 

What I noticed while researching Instaheap is that most of the people who tried the service haven’t got a lot of nice things to say – “OK” really is the biggest compliment Instaheap ever received from a client.

And why is that?

Well, for one thing, Instagram bots are rarely better than OK. I haven’t stumbled upon many excellent bots, and I deal with them every single day. 

The thing is, almost every bot out there has a way too aggressive approach to IG growth that eventually gets people blocked or banned. Such was the case of Instaheap. 

One thing I have to warn you about before I go deeper into the mess that was Instaheap is their website – I don’t recommend trying to visit their old site 

Although the domain is still there, now it’s a random website. Everything is in Chinese, and the connection is not secure, so just steer clear of it for your own safety. 

How Did Instaheap Work?

Instaheap didn’t really work even when it worked, so it’s no wonder many people consider their shutdown good riddance cause, honestly, it is. 

What did it do? Or better yet – what was it supposed to do?

The typical bot stuff – auto-follow and auto-like, and that’s it. I have to say, that’s pretty basic. 

Instaheap did those two actions according to your targeting filters. You’d enter essential info regarding your niche, and the idea was that the tool follows and likes accounts based on that info. 

I’m not going to bore you with intricate details on how to use Instaheap since you can’t use it anyway.

What I will tell you about are the issues that people encountered when they used the service. 

A few Instaheap reviews mention that the tool completely stopped working after only a few days of usage. It was inexplicable, and it happened to too many users to be disregarded as a minor bug. 

A large portion of reviews also says that, even when they got it to work, there’d be another problem at hand. Namely, the unconstrained bot activity from Instaheap’s part resulted in a permanent ban on their customers’ accounts. 

And if you didn’t get banned, chances are you ended up action-blocked or with a bunch of fake followers that Instaheap brought to your account excessively. 

One quite disturbing issue a few of their customers reported is that Instaheap would continue to charge them even after unsubscribing from their service. On top of all this, complaining to customer support wasn’t an option since they’d just completely ignore your concerns. 

Instaheap’s demise doesn’t seem so shocking now, does it?

Instaheap Features

So, what kind of features could you have expected from Instaheap back in the day? Let’s check them out. 

Audience Targeting

The only way to separate users that are of interest to you from the rest was through hashtags. Truth be told, this is not enough for efficient audience targeting. 

Add insult to injury, Instaheap didn’t comply with the settings most of the time, so there wasn’t any point in adjusting them in the first place. 

Automated Actions

As I briefly mentioned, the Instaheap bot performed only two tasks – likes and follows. 

Both of them were done at random, and each brought on a different type of trouble. Likes often precipitated an action block, which basically serves as a warning to stop with the nonsense and get rid of the bot. 

Automated follows often caught the attention of the wrong audience – either bots or people outside of your niche.

AI Approach

Instaheap claimed to utilize AI to scan your account and IG’s algorithm to get the best possible results. 

I mean, seriously? Who’d believe this? 

You’d think that a service that uses advanced AI technology wouldn’t get so many people banned or blocked. 

Instaheap Pricing

As far as Instaheap’s prices go, I couldn’t check them out myself for obvious reasons (Instaheap’s site is all in Chinese), and there isn’t much to go on from other reviews either. 

However, I think we can all agree – a service that tricks its clients by unlawfully charging them isn’t worth a dime. 

Top Instaheap Alternatives

Instaheap is a thing of the past, as all unsafe bots should be. If you want my advice, I think you should turn all your focus on organic growth. Below you’ll find my list of top organic services. 

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

Instaheap Pros And Cons

To sum up, here’s a list of all the pros and cons of Instaheap.

It was easy to useInstaheap shut down in 2018
It would often stop working unexpectedly
A high level of bot activity got people banned all the time
Charged people after unsubscribing
Unresponsive customer support

Instaheap – Final Verdict

Well, guys, it’s official – Instaheap is gone forever. 

Among hundreds of Instagram growth services, it’s truly difficult figuring out which ones can be trusted and which ones are a blatant scam.

Instaheap was the latter, and unfortunately, many people fell for it and had to pay the piper. 

That’s why I always say – do the research and don’t invest a penny before you’re absolutely certain the service is worth it. Only then will you achieve your goal and reach the metaphorical Instagram stars.

Word to the wise – place your trust in organic growth, and you won’t regret it for a second.

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