iDigic Review – What It Can Do: The Full Truth

If you are wondering whether iDigic is worth your attention, time and money, my iDigic review has all the answers that you’ve been looking for. 

Discover the bare essentials of iDigic without the hassle of reading through numerous unreliable iDigic reviews. My review will supply you with:

  • All of iDigic’s benefits and drawbacks
  • Detailed information about how it operates
  • Pricing information
  • Useful advice about any existing alternative options 

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Back to the topic at hand…

iDigic Review Summary: 

  • The quality of its services deteriorated
  • Followers and likes that you get are of mixed quality
  • Instagram may block your account if it detects purchased services
  • My recommendation is to use KENJI or Nitreo if you want a safe IG bot.
  • Also, if you are looking to buy followers, Upleap will grow your account organically.

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What Is iDigic?

A screenshot showcasing the home page of iDigic

Put simply, iDigic is an Instagram marketing company based in the Netherlands. 

It offers a set of service packages that revolve around buying Instagram likes, followers, and views. 

Their main and only focus is on Instagram-based growth options, which is precisely what I aim to investigate.

iDigic claims to provide organic traffic to your Instagram profile, be it likes, followers, or views. 

The most common tactic to boost the following and likes on Instagram is by using bots, but iDigic sells them directly. 

Their official website states that they use verified Instagram accounts to boost your profile, which won’t get your profile blacklisted by Instagram. Well, not really.

How Does iDigic Work?

If you want to use iDigic’s services, it’s relatively easy to do so – all you need to do is select a package, enter your username/select a photo or photos you want likes on, and pay for it.

A variety of pricing plans are available to choose from, at first glance suitable for anybody’s appetite. 

The great thing about their services is that they don’t ask for your passwords. Your identity and account, indeed, do stay in your hands. 

They guarantee the appearance of followers/likes/views in approximately two hours. 

Having had iDigic tested, they provided some amount of organic traffic to my account. 

However, my detailed investigation employed a couple of dozen accounts that weren’t up to their claims. They were utilizing bots.

iDigic Features

On paper, iDigic’s services look simple and very easy to fulfill. While they aren’t numerous, they still can jeopardize your IG account if you purchase them in large amounts.

I’ve compiled a list of iDigic’s Instagram features and included my own experience with their services. Read more about it here:

Instagram Likes

Once my payment was processed, I had to wait for around 30 minutes before the influx of iDigic likes started. 

They weren’t instantly delivered as they do promise, but they sure didn’t make me wait for hours and hours on end.

I’d still like a possibility for likes to be delivered in increments, though. A potential problem can arise if Instagram detects that 100 – or even 10,000 likes in case you opt for more expensive packages – come to your account at once. 

iDigic states that the accounts that they use are regularly checked. 

While it generally does appear to be so, there are certainly some bad seeds among them. 

Instagram Followers

Once again, as you choose the most suitable package, provide your Instagram username, and clear your transaction, they do uphold their part of the agreement.

But if you want to buy Instagram followers, know that I’ve had a hiccup with this feature. 

There was a follower drop soon, and they do have 24/7 customer service listed on their website. 

Their response time is quite nauseating and certainly doesn’t live up to their claims. 

Pro tip: They do have a catch! There are two packages to choose from – High-quality and Super-quality followers.

High-quality followers don’t have uploads (read: they are bots), and few of them have profile photos.

Super-quality followers, on the other hand, claim to be superior. 

I found them to be lacking as well – not all of them have profile photos, and not all of them have any Instagram activity, while some do. So, even the supposedly super quality showed to be of mixed quality.

If you possibly can, it would be good to go through the followers you acquire to filter out the most suspicious ones. This lousy rep is precisely the thing that you want to avoid when building up an Instagram brand.

But even then, you wouldn’t be completely certain that Instagram won’t detect them and put restrictions on your account.

Instagram Views

Views are not fundamental when it comes to building up a brand like followers and likes, but iDigic offers this service, too.

While testing out iDigic, this was the feature that I had the most positive experience with. 

I noticed the views surging in just after a couple of minutes, as they said. Plus, Instagram is more tolerant with regard to views than for likes and follows.

iDigic Pricing

The iDigic pricing list is quite exhaustive.

Not many people want to go all-in, which is understandable, if not advisable, to bypass Instagram’s radar. You can see for yourself here:

An image displaying like pricing packages

Buying likes in greater volumes does offer some perks, like selecting between multiple photos and splitting likes.

You can get anywhere from 50 likes for just $1.49 to 10,000 likes that cost $69.95.

An image displaying follower pricing packages

When it comes to followers, you can buy as little as 100 and as much as 5000.

Different follower tiers are available to choose from, and here’s the breakdown of the most popular ones:

  • You can get 500 high-quality followers for $6.95, and 500 super-quality followers for $11.95
  • 1,000 high-quality followers will cost you $12.95, and a thousand super-quality followers $19.95 
  • 5,000 high-quality followers cost $39.95, whereas 5,000 supper-quality followers are priced at $84.95
An image displaying view pricing packages

Views aren’t boxed into the basic, moderate, and premium tiers, and they offer the same kind of perks.

For instance, 100 views are $1.95, whereas the most substantial package of 50,000 views is $74.95.

Is iDigic Legit?

I cannot say for sure whether iDigic is legit.

While the site does contain a considerable amount of seemingly genuine reviews, I was able to spot a few questionable things.

The reviews, numerous as they are, aren’t verifiable, as they don’t come with official customer information. 

There are generic names such as “John Doe,” which doesn’t invoke legitimacy.

Is iDigic Safe?

I can confirm that iDigic is safe. They do have a secure https URL, and they do provide a secure payment gateway.

In addition to that, they don’t ask for your Instagram passwords.

However, this sort of traffic might bring negative attention to your account, and Instagram can ban you. 

Top iDigic Alternatives

In all honesty, buying Instagram traffic won’t get you far. While iDigic’s services are not terrible like that of some other IG growth tools, they can just serve as a temporary boost for your account.

To get long-lasting results, you should try some of the iDigic alternatives that won’t bring fake accounts to your profile.

Upleap4.6Check Price
Socialfollow4.3Check Price
Nitreo4 Check Price
KENJI4Check Price

iDigic Pros and Cons 

To ease your decision-making process, I’ve composed a compact list of my main points:

Many packagesUnreliable customer support
Safe & secure website and payment Fake onsite customer reviews
Underdeveloped FAQ page
A suspicious amount of bots among accounts that are claimed to be real
Revamped company, previously shut down
Mostly negative off-site reviews
A certain amount of risk to your account

iDigic Review: Final Verdict

While iDigic manages to follow through with their services, there are major drawbacks that everybody needs to be aware of, such as frequent drops when it comes to likes and followers.

Their strong suit apparently lies in Instagram views, while the authenticity of their likes and follows can be brought into question. The majority of them aren’t as “high-quality” as they claim to be.

The secret to pushing your Instagram out of limits is to grow an organic following. I’ve singled out tools that can help you with that in the table below.

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