Fuelgram Review – Can It Boost Your Insta Growth? Find Out Now

In the last couple of months, many people have been wondering whether Fuelgram is still operating or not. And I’m guessing you’re one of them since you’re reading this article.

Well, fortunately for you, I did extensive research to find out exactly what’s going on with this service.

In this detailed Fuelgram review, you’ll find out the following:

  • What is Fuelgram?
  • How to use Fuelgram?
  • Is it overpriced?
  • Is Fuelgram down?

Since we’re all leading busy lives, I can understand if you don’t have time to stick around. Therefore, here’s a quick summary below.

Fuelgram: Review Summary

  • Fuelgram shut down earlier this year
  • It was expensive, and not everyone was allowed to use it
  • The likes and followers were real but of low quality
  • A much better choice is to go for organic growth services.
  • A few excellent ones I can recommend are Upleap, Nitreo, and Kenji.
  • You can get 20% off for life using discount code GROW20.

Most Popular Instagram Growth Tools Rated

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

What Is Fuelgram?

Let’s clear some things up right away. Fuelgram is no longer operating. It was shut down months ago.

To this day, not a soul knows why they closed their doors for good. It’s a mystery, really. All we can do is guess.

Now that we got things straight, back to the main question:

What is, or better yet – What was Fuelgram?

Fuelgram was an Instagram growth service that had a pretty interesting approach to engagement. They offered something called engagement exchange.

Apparently, the service gathered large groups of people (mainly influencers) who all exchanged follows, likes, and comments. I have to give them this – the idea behind it was very good.

However, there was a catch. 

You see, not everyone was allowed to join. You had to meet specific criteria, such as a certain number of followers and engagement rates.

Not only that, but Fuelgram claimed they worked only with real people. 

This was particularly hard to believe, but I found out it was partially true as I continued my search. Some of the users on Trustpilot said the likes and follows came mainly from real folks.

But somehow, I can’t fully comprehend there was no bot-like activity because I found plenty of negative reviews as well.

How Did Fuelgram Work?

Fuelgram was a community of real Instagram users, and as I’ve already mentioned, you had to meet certain conditions to join.

Firstly, you had to register on their site with an email and a password. After you became a member, you were added to a group based on your niche and number of followers. 

It was simple – profiles from the same niche and a similar number of followers were a part of the same group.

The idea behind it?

As Fuelgram worked based on an exchange (I may even say ‘like for like, follow for follow’), they wanted everyone within the same group to grow simultaneously.

Fuelgram offered 250 likes per 3 posts a day, which isn’t much. So, how did it get so many people suspended or banned for life from Instagram? 

One of the reasons was that Fuelgram used your account 24/7 to like other people’s posts. That means your account basically didn’t sleep. 

Shocking, I know.

Features Of Fuelgram

It’s time to look at some of Fuelgram’s key features. Let’s get started!


Auto-rounds were time intervals during which you could post and receive likes, comments, or new followers. There were only three rounds per day; therefore, three posts per day, as I already mentioned.

You would receive likes from other people in your rounds, but you were also obligated to return the favor in your round. 

However, despite being called auto-round, everything had to be done manually, which took time.


This was probably the most famous Fuelgram feature, but it got a lot of people into trouble. 

Remember how I talked about Fuelgram liking other people’s posts with your account non-stop? Well, this is the feature to blame.

Liking too many posts per day can lead Instagram to believe you are a bot and ban or suspend you. Which, in the end, happened to many Fuelgram users.

Fuelgram tried to fix this problem by telling everyone to connect another IG profile that would only give likes and not receive them.

As you can assume, this did not end well. Lots of accounts ended up not receiving any engagement or followers. 

Pricing Of Fuelgram

The number of accounts and an individual package would determine your final price.

Auto-rounds was a monthly subscription service, starting at $12,5 per month. As for Powerlikes, they were paid per post. Usually, the prices would range between $3 – $12 per post, and you could buy up to 99 at once.

Not so affordable, if you ask me. I also found out there was no free trial, which is a big minus as some people like to try out the service before they start their subscription.

Is Fuelgram Legit?

Fuelgram never announced what the real reason for shutting down was, which made me question their legitimacy. Plus, the lack of genuine comments on Trustpilot led me to believe this service was not 100% legit.

Is Fuelgram Safe?

I can’t say Fuelgram was a safe service since it got a bunch of people banned for bot-like activity. The worst part is that most users weren’t aware of their accounts being used by Fuelgram ceaselessly.

Top Fuelgram Alternatives

Since Fuelgram is no longer available, I’m guessing you will continue searching for the best IG growth tool.

To help you out, I’ve made the following list of some high-quality ones. And don’t forget – organic growth is the way to go!

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

Fuelgram Pros And Cons

To set the seal on this review, I’ve put together an abbreviated version of the things discussed earlier.

Great customer supportThey liked other users’ posts using your profile constantly
The engagement was realNot everyone could join them
Some users’ actions were blocked
They stopped working without any explanation
Low-quality followers and likes

Fuelgram: Final Verdict

To cut a long story short – Fuelgram was not the best tool out there. 

However, I have to admit – the idea behind it was different and not yet seen in this industry. It just didn’t work out as they expected it to because they weren’t 100% honest with their users.

If it still existed, I would probably tell you not to try it as it had more disadvantages than advantages. In the long run, all you need is organic growth if you want to become an Instagram star. 

I’ve listed some of the best organic growth services below to help you pick out the one that’ll suit you best. Feel free to browse them!

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