Fanbump Review – Is The Service Gone For Good?

Once you find a trustworthy Instagram growth service, boosting your account will be a piece of cake. 

However, it’s a long road from Googling “best IG growth tool” to actually finding the best one. 

Along the way, you’ll stumble upon countless unsafe or shutdown services.

One of them is Fanbump. 

In this Fanbump review, I’ll paint a whole picture of what Fanbump really was, what happened to it, and I’ll mention the best Fanbump alternative.

Let’s jump right in!

Fanbump Review Summary

  • The reason behind their shutdown is still unclear
  • It was way too expensive
  • There was no real, significant growth
  • Forget about the obsolete IG bots and focus on organic growth.
  • Nitreo, Upleap, and Kenji are among the top organic services.
  • They even offer a discount code GROW20 that gets you 20% off forever!

Most Popular Instagram Growth Tools Rated

Easy-to-use interfaceOnly worth it with the Turbo plan
Has a free trialCheaper and better alternatives available
Customer support is virtually non-existent
Charging you after you cancel the subscription
The free trial lasts only 24 hours
Can lead to your IG account getting banned
No longer works

What Is Fanbump? 

An Image of what used to be Fanbump’s homepage

Or, better yet – what was Fanbump?

Fanbump was your typical Instagram growth service that promised organic growth and real followers. 

If you try to visit their website, you’ll find a message from the company saying they have decided to shut down. 

They also strongly recommend avoiding all Instagram growth services for their unsafety.  

See how they hint it was their own decision to shut down? 

I’m not convinced that’s true. 

A more realistic scenario is that Fanbump was transgressing Instagram’s terms of use, and they had to pay the piper.

This is certainly more believable than what the company claims happened.

How Did Fanbump Work?

It’s important to separate how the company said it operated and how it actually worked since those were two different things. 

According to Fanbump, they offered a customized, organic, and safe Instagram growth. 

In reality, it was a cookie-cutter service, not at all safe or organic. 

So, how did it work?

Since there wasn’t a chance to try it out for free, you had to select a package and pay right away. 

Once that’s done, the next step would be to set up filters that target users from your niche. 

After that, a personal manager would contact you and build a customized growth plan based on the previously tuned filters. 

Of course, this manager was supposed to be a real human, but there are too many reports of it being a regular bot. 

I always choose to believe the dissatisfied ex-customers, especially if the number of complaints is too big to ignore, which is the case here. 

Fanbump was certain this strategy will bring you up to 1,000 new followers each month, all of them undoubtedly real.

Although it sounds impressive, don’t fall for it – ever

The thing is, when it comes to real organic growth, no one can promise you a specific number. That’s just not how it works. 

So if you come upon a service that guarantees a substantial amount of new followers, run like hell. The chances are it’s not organic at all. 

And that’s not the only number they threw around. 

There was also a claim 88.5% of their customers continue to use the service every month because “they provide organic growth, you get only real followers, and the head of the company is one of industry’s best.”

I only have one question: 

If this is true, why did Fanbump shut down?

Fanbump Features

Since there’s no info on their website, I’ll show you what I managed to gather from reviews on Trustpilot and similar websites. 

Fanbump had two packages, and features differed in each one. Let’s start with the cheaper deal called Professional Growth Package.

Professional Growth Package

This deal was far less exclusive than the other one, and it included organic growth at basic speed. 

What does this mean? 

The tool would follow and unfollow users closely related to your field of interest. The hope was they’d follow you back. 

Being a stickler for detail, I read the whole Terms of Use on Fanbump’s site (this is still available). 

I found out that Fanbump admits they’re not able to protect you from fake followers/bots. 

They’re basically saying that if you receive fake or bot followers, well, tough luck. You can’t blame the company.

Extreme Growth Package

The other deal Fanbump offered was called Extreme Growth Package. It’s almost ridiculous that it cost fifteen times as much as the first one. 

No need to adjust your set; you’ve read it correctly. 

This bad boy went for more than a thousand bucks a month, but I’ll get to that in the Pricing section.

So what did you receive for that amount of money? 

To be honest, for that (monthly) price, I’d expect a team of highly trained professionals to show up at my door and come up with the ultimate growth strategy. 

What you got, in reality, was a team of – allegedly – real people (more likely bots) that would work to get you 25,000 real followers, each month. It didn’t say what they’d do to make that happen, though.

Another numerical promise – I warned you what this really means.

Fanbump Pricing

I mentioned that Fanbump was expensive, but I don’t think you’re ready for this. 

Price for Fanbump’s cheaper plan

The Professional Growth Package cost $99, which is a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the other one:

pricing for fanbump's extreme package

And you couldn’t simply purchase the Extreme deal. You had to apply and pass the screening process. If Fanbump deemed you worthy, you had to cough up 1500+ green ones. 

Mind you; these are all monthly prices.

Is Fanbump Legit?

Given that the service had to be closed down, it’s safe to say it wasn’t entirely legitimate. 

The most probable reason for it was failing to comply with Instagram’s rules, and if you don’t play by the rules, well, you have to face the repercussions. And you most certainly cannot be considered legit.

Is Fanbump Safe?

Depends on how you look at it. 

From the website and payments standpoint, it was safe. Fanbump didn’t ask for your personal info, and it had secure payment gateways. 

On the other hand, it constantly brought bots to your account, which is the opposite of safe. 

Top Fanbump Alternatives

Take a look at the best Fanbump alternatives that provide organic growth.

Easy-to-use interfaceOnly worth it with the Turbo plan
Has a free trialCheaper and better alternatives available
Customer support is virtually non-existent
Charging you after you cancel the subscription
The free trial lasts only 24 hours
Can lead to your IG account getting banned
No longer works

Fanbump Pros And Cons

What were Fanbump’s good sides? Let’s check out the list of Fanbump’s pros and cons:

Secure websiteFanbump had to be closed down
Safe payment optionsMost likely disobeyed Instagram’s rules
It attracted bot followers
The prices were steep
No free trial
Complete absence of real, organic growth

Fanbump: Final Verdict

So, what’s my final verdict? Was Fanbump worth it or not?

I have to say no. 

They made too many false claims, promises they couldn’t keep, and they filled your account with bots. Not to mention, 1,500 plus dollars a month is extortionate, even for an organic service. 

That amount could cover a year’s worth of subscription for any of the reliable, organic growth services I listed below.

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