Famoid Review – How Legit Is It? The Complete Truth

Looking for the truth about Famoid? You’re in the right place!

In my Famoid review, you’ll find in-depth answers to all your questions about this service, such as:

  • Is it safe to use Famoid?
  • Does it bring positive results?
  • How does Famoid work?
  • Are there any downsides to using this tool?
  • Should you give it a shot?

I tested it out, so everything I tell you about is based on first-hand experience as well as Famoid reviews from previous clients.

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Back to the task at hand…

Famoid Review Summary

  • Famoid has some alright features
  • They offer services for the three major platforms
  • The quality of their service is open to doubt
  • If you want to try a service that’s up to par, go with some of the alternatives, for example, Nitreo.
  • If Nitreo doesn’t seem like the right fit, I can also recommend Kenji
  • From my experience with Kenji and Nitreo, you’ll get both organic growth and a dedicated manager that meets all your needs

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What Is Famoid?

An image showing the homepage of Famoid

Famoid has been around since 2017 and they, of course, claim to be among the best. 

It is one of the biggest follower providers on the market, there’s no doubt, but how good is their service?

Is Famoid really that good or is it just a marketing trick and empty promises? Stay tuned to find out.

How Does Famoid Work?

Famoid sells followers for the three major social media platforms: 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

How does it work?

It’s actually very simple – you choose a package, proceed to payment, and wait. 

The good news is that you can try it out for free. It has a couple of free tools – Famoid Free Followers and Famoid Free Likes, which can get you 25 followers and 50 likes. 

You can try both of them once, and I think you should give it a shot since you really have got nothing to lose there. 

Well, except for a part of your privacy. 

You see, even for the free trial, Famoid requests you leave your Instagram handle, email, and phone number. 

I get why they need the first two, but what really flummoxes me is why they need your phone number. 

If you don’t mind giving them your number, then go for it, but just remember – it is your personal information that they have no business asking for. 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see how to use Famoid. 

Getting started with Famoid

The first thing to do is go to their website. 

From there, you’ll need to select which package you want to purchase. After that, make the payment and wait for your followers/likes/views, etc. 

Don’t be surprised if they don’t start flowing in since Famoid has a policy of bringing them gradually to your account. 

That’s a smart strategy to make the whole thing look more natural, but does it, though?

Can buying followers go unnoticed or is it just too conspicuous?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s usually crystal clear when someone’s buying followers. 

Even though Famoid promises gradual delivery, it’s still not slow enough to look natural. 

Let’s say you buy followers without buying likes. Your profile ends up with a huge following and the likes on your posts just don’t match. 

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out there’s some shady business going on. 

Famoid Features

I told you that Famoid offers services for three social networks. Let’s see what they are.

Buy Instagram Followers

Once you choose the buying followers feature, you’ll also have to select the number of followers you want to purchase. The number goes from 250 to 25,000.

Each package is very similar except for the number of followers. In all of them, you get the promise of safety and instant delivery. 

Yes, you read that right. 

Famoid promises both gradual and instant delivery. 

What I can tell you from my experience with the service is that I actually got both. My order was processed instantly and I got most of the followers right away, with the rest coming later gradually. 

Instant delivery is generally a red flag when it comes to these services because it puts you on the radar and Instagram has got strict zero-policy rules for that kind of stuff.

Not to mention that there’s a huge chance you end up with bot followers. Who’s to say all of the bought followers are 100%, real people? 

Famoid can’t guarantee it, and they really don’t have the means to separate the real ones from the bots. 

And trust me when I say that bought followers plus bots equal trouble. 

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying Famoid will get you only fake followers. I’m just saying that they have no way of knowing which ones are real and which ones aren’t. 

That being said, I have to note that I did get a bunch of real followers through Famoid. However, there were fake ones too. 

So it’s all up to you and whether you think it’s worth the risk. 

Buy Instagram Likes

To be frank, the buying likes feature isn’t half bad.

You pay for a certain amount of likes and you get what you paid for.

One thing I would advise you, though, is to go with the smaller packages. Getting too many likes at once is not the best idea, so choose a package that makes it seem as natural as possible. 

Buy Instagram Views

Purchasing IG views is a good strategy for people who post more IG videos and IGTVs than photos. 

Instagram prioritizes views over likes when selecting which video to promote, so views can come in handy if you’re trying to create videos that reach a lot of people. 

Automatic Likes Feature

This package is probably even better than buying regular likes. 

With the automated likes, you are guaranteed to receive likes for each new upload. The tool will like your posts automatically until you spend all the likes you bought. 

Facebook Services

If Facebook is your platform of choice, you can try the following: 

  • Fan Page Likes package – get between 250 and 2,500 FB page likes
  • Post Likes package – purchase up to 1,000 likes for any Facebook post

Youtube Services

There are two things you can buy for Youtube:

  • Subscribers –  get 100 -1,000 subscribers 
  • Views – buy up to half a million YT views

Pricing Of Famoid

Since Famoid has dozens of packages, I’m not going to bore you with each and every one of them – you can check them all out on their website. 

I’ll just tell you about the ones for their main feature, which is buying IG followers.

A picture showing the prices for Famoid follower-buying packages
A picture showing the prices for Famoid follower-buying packages

As you can see, the prices vary from deal to deal, but I have to say, Famoid is really not that expensive – I’d say it’s a mid-range service price-wise.

Besides, there’s also the free trial I told you about earlier, so you have a chance to try it out for free.

Is Famoid Legit?

There’s really no reason to think Famoid isn’t legit.

The website and payment options are secure and they deliver the service. The quality of the service is up for questioning, though.

Is Famoid Safe?

Technically, yes.

I don’t appreciate that they ask for a phone number, but there haven’t been any complaints of a personal data breach (so far).

However, I can’t overlook the fact that there’s always a chance you get fake followers. It’s a constant risk that may or may not harm your presence on Instagram. 

Top Famoid Alternatives

The truth about Famoid is that the quality of service is neither here nor there. 

What’s sure is that there are tons of better alternatives, some even cheaper than Famoid, so I strongly suggest you check them out.

Upleap4.6Check Price
Socialfollow4.3Check Price
Nitreo4 Check Price
KENJI4Check Price

Famoid Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick list of pros and cons that will, hopefully, help you make a decision about Famoid. 

Seems to be legitThe promised gradual delivery isn’t really gradual
Free trialEver-present chance of getting fake followers
Bot followers leave you at risk of getting banned
Not the most budget-friendly service
Questionable quality of service in each package

Famoid Review: Final Word

Is Famoid one of the best services as they boldly claim?

Well, it’s debatable. 

One thing’s sure, though. Buying followers is not the best way to grow your IG profile. 

Instead, you should focus on services that offer the best kind of growth – organic growth. I’ve listed a few such services below so feel free to check them out!

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