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  • Can it harm your account?
  • Are there better alternatives?

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Back to Buzzoid…

Buzzoid Review Summary

  • Buzzoid is a medium-quality service 
  • Not exactly budget-friendly
  • Buzzoid doesn’t grow your account organically
  • If you want to grow your account, I suggest you go with a service that does it organically
  • One such service is Nitreo 
  • Nitreo is a 100% reliable service with countless reviews from satisfied customers
  • Another IG growth tool with splendid reviews is KENJI.AI

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What Is Buzzoid?

A screenshot of Buzzoid’s homepage

Buzzoid is a company that sells followers. They work only with Instagram, so if you need followers for any other platform, this one is not for you. 

Besides followers, they also sell likes and video views. 

On their website, you’ll see that they proudly share the number of followers they sold so far, and that number is at a staggering 25 million. 

Yep, that’s right. Buzzoid claims to have provided over 25 million followers so far. 

But that’s not the only thing they so boldly claim. 

They also say that buying followers is one of the best ways to grow IG accounts and their main targets are clients who don’t have the time to grow their accounts, so Buzzoid offers them a shortcut. 

How Does Buzzoid Work?

You may wonder how Buzzoid grows your account, and the answer is quite simple. 

It does so by getting you a certain number of followers, likes, and views, depending on which package you choose. 

Buzzoid promises this will grow your engagement rate and impressions, and it’s true to a certain extent. 

More followers, more likes, and more views will certainly prompt more interactions and impressions on your account. 

But the issue here is that Buzzoid delivers the bought followers in an instant. In fact, they state that they offer the fastest delivery among similar services. 

This sounds like a brag, but I’m not sure it should be, and here’s why. 

If you were to buy 5,000 followers and you receive all of them within minutes of your purchase, it could raise an alarm with Instagram. 

You probably know that Instagram has strict policies regarding bought followers (among other things), so you know the possible consequences. 

To start using Buzzoid’s services, simply go to their website and you’ll get the option to choose from dozens of packages.

Once you select the package you want, proceed to payment and that’s it. 

Sadly, there’s no free trial so if you want to try it out, you have to pay right away. 

Buzzoid Features

Time to take a look at Buzzoid’s features. I mentioned it’s an Instagram-only service, so naturally, they only have features associated with Instagram. 

Buy Instagram Followers

If you opt for buying IG followers, the first thing you’ll need to do is select either high-quality followers or premium followers. 

What’s the difference?

High-quality followers are accounts with a profile picture but no further uploads and premium ones are those that post stuff. 

If you’re gonna buy followers, I suggest you go with premium, for one simple reason – with premium followers, chances are higher that there’s a real human behind them, while the same cannot be said for high-quality ones. 

Premium followers are twice as expensive as high-quality, but there’s less chance you get bots. 

Buzzoid, of course, claims all of the followers are real people, and there’s no chance you end up with bots. 

But the issue is that they have no way of knowing, so it’s just empty promises in the end. 

Buy Instagram Likes

It’s the same thing with likes – you can choose between likes from high-quality and premium profiles. 

When it comes to likes, the quality is not as important. What matters is that you be careful of how much likes you buy so no one suspects they’re bought. 

The good thing is that Buzzoid offers you the possibility to split bought likes on multiple pictures.

Also, when you buy likes, video views come included, so I’m not completely sure what’s the point of the next feature. 

Buy Instagram Video Views

You can purchase up to 50,000 video views from high-quality profiles. 

I don’t think views particularly matter on Instagram unless you want to post IG videos that reach a lot of people. 

In that case, I recommend you go with this feature since Instagram prioritizes views over likes when choosing which video to promote. 

24/7 Customer Support

One of the best features of Buzzoid is their customer support. 

They have people that are at your service around the clock, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact CS – your complaints won’t be disregarded. 

Pricing Of Buzzoid

Are you wondering how much it costs to buy followers from Buzzoid?

Here’s the deal. 

Buzzoid is not the most budget-friendly service you’ll find, and they don’t have a free trial, but they offer a total refund within 30 days of purchase if you’re not happy with their service. 

Considering there’s no free trial, this is a helpful feature to get your money back in case it doesn’t work out. 

Now let’s check out the prices. 

If you want to buy high-quality followers, you’ll have to spend between $2.97 and $39.99. You can purchase 100 – 5,000 high-quality followers.

Image is showing the prices for Buzzoid high-quality followers

As I mentioned earlier, it’s safer if you go with premium followers, but they of course cost more and there are fewer packages for premium:

Image of Buzzoid’s premium followers’ pricing

One thing I didn’t appreciate about Buzzoid is that they no longer accept Paypal as a paying method. 

I’m not sure why, but you can pay only with a credit card. However, this shouldn’t be a problem since they have a secure site and payment gateways. 

If you don’t feel good about leaving credit card info on random sites, I’m sorry, but it’s the only way to try Buzzoid services.

Is Buzzoid Legit?

As far as I can tell, Buzzoid is a legitimate service. 

Based on Buzzoid reviews from Trustpilot and other reliable sites, they are not using any tricks to fool customers, and if you have any issues, their CS is available 24/7. 

You will get what you paid for, but don’t forget that the quality of followers is still debatable. 

Is Buzzoid Safe?

Buzzoid has a secure https site and they don’t ask you to leave any sensitive info, like passwords or phone numbers. 

I didn’t manage to find safety complaints, so it’s fair to say Buzzoid is safe to use. 

However, I have to note that the possibility of getting fake followers is an ever-present danger because Instagram has zero-tolerance policies regarding such stuff. 

Top Buzzoid Alternatives

Buying followers (from any company) is not the best way to grow your account. 

Instead, you should look for services that provide organic growth. They are by far the safest and most reliable, so make sure to check them out.

Upleap4.6Check Price
Socialfollow4.3Check Price
Nitreo4 Check Price
KENJI4Check Price

Buzzoid Pros And Cons

To help you make up your mind about Buzzoid, I’ve summarized a shortlist of the main pros and cons:

It’s a legit serviceThere’s no free trial
Customer Support is available around the clockNo option to pay through PayPal
You have to leave credit card info
The service is not affordable
No organic growth
The authenticity of bought followers is questionable

Buzzoid Review: Final Verdict

Is Buzzoid the best solution for Instagram growth?

I’d say it’s neither here nor there. 

The company is legit and there’s no shady stuff going on, that’s for sure. 

However, I can’t let go of the fact that there’s no way to know for sure what kind of followers you get.

And let me tell you –  the consequences of getting fake ones are severe.

So if you’re willing to risk it, then I say you should give Buzzoid a shot. 

If not, I strongly recommend you take a look at the services I listed below. All of them are reliable tools that provide organic growth, and that’s exactly what you want.

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