Boostgram Reviews – Is It Down? What Happened?

I wanted to try out Boostgram and report back to you, but none of the existing Boostgram reviews seem to be updated because this Instagram growth service is down. Therefore, I changed the course of my research from How does Boostgram work to What happened to Boostgram.

I’ll also tell you:

  • What features did Boostgram Instagram have?
  • Should you be concerned if you used it?
  • Are there any good Boostgram alternatives?

In case you’re in a hurry, I’ve singled out the key points below. And if you have the time for the whole review, hop on in!

Boostgram Review Summary:

  • Boostgram was an Instagram bot
  • It was ineffective and could jeopardize your account
  • With the Boostgram app not working anymore, I can suggest to you an automation tool that does a great job at boosting your account: Kenji.
  • Have you considered hiring an organic agency for Instagram growth? Then Nitreo and Upleap are your best bet.
  • You can save 20% when purchasing their tariff plans if you use the discount code GROW20.

Most Popular Instagram Growth Tools Rated

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
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Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

What is Boostgram?

boostgram's current homepage

As you can see, Boostgram’s official website is no longer working, and they say they aren’t accepting new customers anymore.

You’d be surprised at what amount of Instagram tools keep charging their customers and accept new ones even after the service stops working, so at least they are not part of that sort of scam.

But what led to its demise? And can we expect it to resurrect since the domain still exists?

No, I don’t think so. Instagram has polished its bot-detecting strategy, and tools that aren’t able to go around it most likely never will.

That being said, I already gave you a hint about what had happened. Boostgram’s actions caused Instagram to connect people’s accounts with suspicious behavior because they strongly disapprove of bots behind users.

an image depicting the former homepage of boostgram

Therefore, sometime in 2020, Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) sued Boostgram for fake engagement. Soon after, the tool ceased to exist in October.

And if you used it, the chances are that it had blocked your actions and banned your account, just like many customers on Trustpilot said. However, if you were able to recover your account afterward, worry not – there will be no consequences.

How Does Boostgram Work?

Obviously, it doesn’t work anymore, so a better question would be, “How did Boostgram work?”.

The Boostgram app offered pretty much the same things as any other IG automation service. It would put your account on auto-pilot and start the engagement to grow your profile.

There were also some additional features, which brings me to the next point:

Boostgram Features

Here is what features Boostgram used to boost your ‘gram back in the day.

Automated Actions

Boostgram performed two kinds of Instagram tasks on your behalf:

  • Like
  • Follow/unfollow

As usual, the idea behind these features is to notify other users who may be interested in what you have to offer of your account so that they would follow and like your content back.

Nothing wrong with that – except when a tool goes over Instagram’s daily limit of actions, which was exactly what Boostgram did.

Audience Targeting

From what I’ve learned, Boostgram offered you to set three parameters for audience targeting:

  • Gender
  • Hashtags/similar users
  • Location

All of these can be good to find people from your niche, but given that I couldn’t try Boostgram, I can’t say what the quality of the targeting was.

As I haven’t found any Boostgram reviews mentioning the lack of proper targeting, I guess that it was OK and that the engagement was directed to the right audience.

Post Scheduling

Whereas Boostgram’s bot actions could put your account at risk, the post scheduler was probably safe, unless you overdid it and posted too many pictures and videos in one day.

Therefore, I guess that this feature was useful.

Pricing of Boostgram

Here’s one thing that I would deem quite shady: Boostgram would not state its pricing plans upfront.

So, there were no signs of prices you’d need to pay on their website if you wanted to use their services. You would have to email their customer support if you wanted to know the price before you make a purchase.

Based on the existing Boostgram reviews, the service was billed at $99 per month. I cannot say whether there were some other pricing plans because they all mention this one. So, either I’ve come across the people who used the same package, or there wasn’t any other.

In any case, it seems that Boostgram was not really what we could call a budget-friendly service, especially considering its flaws.

Is Boostgram Legit?

Nope, folks, Boostgram was not legit.

Otherwise, it would still be in function.

From their suspicious methods of work to the concealed pricing plans and fake claims they provided, everything was fishy.

Is Boostgram Safe?

In addition to being a scam, Boostgram was also not safe to use.

I mean, it doesn’t exist anymore, so I cannot check whether the website and payment gateways are safe for your data.

But it would auto-block and ban your account, and that’s incredibly frustrating. In the worst case, you wouldn’t be able to recover it, and no tool is worth that risk.

Plus, I saw on Trustpilot that some customers noticed suspicious login attempts, and Boostgram asked for your IG password. When I put two and two together, it seems likely that they have compromised your data.

Recommended Boostgram Alternatives

OK, Boostgram no longer works, so are there any alternatives?

Luckily, the market has a slew of options that are not only safe for your account but also provide organic growth.

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

Boostgram: For and Against

With everything I’ve told you about Boostagram so far, we can draw some conclusions about its positives and negatives.

There was a trialDoesn’t work anymore
Was sued by Facebook
Its automation was aggressive
Pricing was not upfront
It could get you action-blocked and banned

Boostgram: Final Verdict

Facebook and Instagram run a tight ship. Their strict policies formulate what apps are allowed to do. And Boostgram violated pretty much every aspect of them with the aggressive bot practices.

I suppose you came to this review because you wanted to grow your Insta with Boostgram. But it is no longer available – so what now?

Some bots that manage to optimize their performance and avoid restrictions are still around. 

However, I strongly suggest that you grow your account organically and make the most of your engagement the natural way. I’ve recommended some organic growth services that can help you with that below.

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