Audience Gain Review – What Is Behind the Scenes?

What I’ve got for you today is my Audience Gain review. It was composed after trying out its services for Instagram for two months.

During that period, I gathered all the info that I want to share with you, including:

  • Is Audience Gain Instagram any good?
  • What features does it have?
  • How much does it cost to use Audience Gain?
  • Is it worth the price?

Alright, now that we’ve established the basis for my Audience Gain Instagram review, feel free to check out the quick summary below. Then you can decide whether you want to keep reading or it’s all you need to know!

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Back to today’s topic…

Audience Gain In Broad Strokes:

  • Audience Gain is a marketplace for eight social network platforms.
  • You can buy followers, likes, and views for Instagram.
  • The purchased services are of mixed quality.

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What is Audience Gain?

Audience Gain official home page

Audience Gain is an Instagram growth service. Unlike most of the tools nowadays, it’s neither an Instagram bot nor an organic growth agency. Its method of work is simple – you pay for a certain number of followers, likes, or views, and they deliver it to you in a reasonable timeframe.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But if it was that easy to succeed, everyone would be buying these on Instagram. The matter is a bit more complicated than that, and I’ll explain why in this Audience Gain Instagram review.

That said, Audience Gain provides you with packages for additional seven social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • SoundCloud
  • Twitch

If they are your primary occupation, sorry – I’ve only tried Audience Gain for Instagram – but still, I’m pretty positive that the quality of the services is the same for all of the networks.

By the way, I’m referring to, not Some people asked me: Is legit? It seems so, but it’s not my main focus today. I was determined to find out what the former is all about, so here it goes.

How Does Audience Gain Work?

Using Audience Gain is as easy as ABC. You just select a package that you want (that is, the number of followers, likes, or views) and proceed to make a payment.

Now, here’s the part I’m not certain they are completely truthful about: They say their team will analyze your content, niche, and current engagement to bring you the services in the most natural way possible.

I cannot say for sure that they omitted this step, but honestly, the followers I got just seemed too random.

And here’s the thing: Instagram doesn’t want you to be a passive user who is just scrolling and occasionally posting content. It wants you to be active and engage with other users.

Thus, if (or better yet, when) its algorithm detects that you have significantly increased your following without the reciprocal amount of interaction, it will start deleting those followers from your account.

I mean, you don’t have to be a genius or the advanced AI Instagram system to notice that someone has bought a certain amount of IG services. Other users will notice it, too.

Features of Audience Gain

Here are the Audience Gain features for Instagram. When it comes to other social media platforms, their offer is similar. It all revolves around parameters that could grow your profile.

Instagram Services

Instagrammers can buy followers, likes, and views from Audience Gain.

The quality of all three services is similar. The accounts that interact with you (no matter whether they follow you or like your posts) can be best described as “mediocre”.

Namely, some of them seem targeted and relevant for your niche, but most aren’t. Also, I’m pretty sure that there are many fake and bot-generated accounts because there’s no content, pictures, or following on their profiles.

As I explained earlier, there are two possible scenarios with these followers:

  1. Those fake and bot-generated accounts will disappear simply because there aren’t real people behind them. Many fake accounts get deactivated like that.
  2. Instagram will delete them (either from your profile, or it will suspend the account(s) when it determines that it is fake).

Saying that I was underwhelmed when around two-thirds of purchased services disappeared from my account would be an understatement.

Pricing of Audience Gain

Here are the pricing plans of the most popular Audience Gain Instagram service – followers.

A screenshot depicting Audience Gain’s pricing plans for followers

As you can see, the price of your package of choice will depend on the number of followers you wish to obtain. For instance, you would have to pay $60 for 5,000 followers and $220 for 20,000 followers.

The prices are OK – I’ve seen some much more expensive tools, and then again, I’ve seen some that are more budget-friendly than Audience Gain. 

Is Audience Gain Legit?

Audience Gain does seem to be a legit business. They are making some fake claims (e.g., that all engagement comes from real accounts), but they won’t scam you into buying something they won’t deliver at all.

Is Audience Gain Safe?

A screenshot of Audience Gain

Did you get this warning when you tried to access Audience Gain’s website?

It occurs from time to time, but here’s what I managed to learn: You shouldn’t be worried.

It happens as a result of their website configuration, and not because it poses a real threat to your data or something like that. The payment gateway is also secure.

What Are Some Audience Gain Alternatives?

To kickstart your IG growth, you need more than purchased followers and likes. So, I’ve suggested Audience Gain alternatives that grow your account organically:

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Audience Gain Pros and Cons

Here’s the final decision-making list with the advantages and disadvantages of Audience Gain:

Affordable servicesMuch of the purchased engagement comes from fake IG accounts
They will deliver what you paid forLikes and followers gradually disappear
Security problems on their website
Purchased views are useless
Insufficient audience targeting
Not the best CS

Audience Gain: Final Verdict

Should you use Audience Gain? Maybe.

It will deliver you the exact amount of likes, followers, or views that you bought, and that is not a problem. The thing is that most of them will disappear after some time for different reasons.

Active engagement cannot be substituted by purchased services, and meaningful and targeted interaction with your audience should always be prioritized. In other words, organic growth = win.

To see what I mean and foster genuine followers on your profile, check out any tool I’ve suggested below.

See you next time, fellow Instagrammers!

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