AiGrow Reviews – How Effective Is It? Here’s What You Need To Know

AiGrow reviews are plentiful, but there are very few unbiased ones. In an effort to do something about this, I tested the service. Now, I will let you in on what I learned.

Today’s review deals with subjects like:

  • Should you trust AiGrow?
  • Can it take your account to the next level?
  • Will it jeopardize your profile?

I cover all of this (and more), so be sure to give it a thorough read. In case you’re in a hurry, here’s a sneak peek of what you have to know about AiGrow.

AiGrow Key Points:

  • AiGrow is an automated engagement bot
  • It is a rebrand of another company
  • Instagram action-blocks AiGrow’s users
  • Don’t put your profile at risk – use organic growth tools
  • Kenji and Nitreo are great alternatives
  • There’s a 20% discount with the code GROW20

Most Popular Instagram Growth Tools Rated

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

What Is AiGrow?

A picture of AiGrow’s homepage

As I briefly mentioned in the summary, AiGrow is an Instagram bot. The company used to openly state this on their website despite the negative connotation of the word “bot.” However, they recently changed the description to “Instagram management service.” I wonder why.

What this tool does is automate basic Instagram actions for you (follow, like, DM). It’s got a few other features too, and you can read about them later in the article.

While researching AiGrow, I noticed how much effort these guys put into their image. They frequently post quality articles on their blog, and their website looks very professional.

Another thing that I (kind of) liked are the articles where AiGrow reviews other growth tools and compares itself to them. It surprised me that the company doesn’t skew the comparisons in their favor. I mean, they do a bit, but the reviews of their competitors are relatively objective.

OK, this is the point where good impressions stop.

I’m afraid that, despite the polished image, AiGrow’s service is terrible. It may get you – scratch that – it will get you in trouble with Instagram. You’ll probably get action-blocked if you use it. On top of this, I’ve read many testimonials from users whom AiGrow scammed for their money.

The matter is quite serious, so please, stay tuned.

How AiGrow Works?

To get started with AiGrow Instagram service, head over to Once you register and connect your Instagram profile, the bot will be at your disposal. All that’s left to do then is adjust some preferences and let it roll.

And roll it will! The app will like, DM, and follow on your behalf until that fateful moment when Instagram blocks you. This can happen in under an hour. If you’ve never received a message from IG explaining that you’re action-blocked, let me tell you right away – it’s not fun.

This is just the first of many problems with AiGrow. What you find out in the remainder of the article will surprise you, but not in a good way.

Features of AiGrow

The tool is based around a couple of main features and a few additional ones. Here’s what they look like:

Automated Engagement

These are the main features to which I was referring. I’ve already mentioned them earlier, and now I’d like to break them down.

Despite the company’s claims that humans are behind all of their operations, this simply isn’t true. The service employs a bot that performs all the tasks.

As I explained, AiGrow can like, follow, and DM your target audience’s accounts. The problems begin when it exceeds Instagram’s daily action limits. The platform will identify the bot activity and proceed to block your account.

Post Scheduling

The post scheduler is a benign feature that doesn’t get its chance to shine. It’ll upload your posts automatically according to the times that you set. 

Post and Reward

I’ve got to hand it to AiGrow – I’ve never seen such a feature before.

Post and reward essentially means that you’ll automatically DM the accounts that share your posts. In the DM, there’ll be a reward in the form of a discount code, coupon, or anything you come up with. It’s up to you.

I’m not sure how useful this is. In my opinion, it feels kind of spammy, but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Link In Bio

Since Instagram allows only one link in bio, AiGrow thought of a way to bypass this. Namely, this feature generates an URL which you place in your bio and which can contain several links of your choosing. 

This option may be useful, but it probably won’t assist your Instagram growth much.

Pricing of AiGrow

AiGrow offers ten different pricing plans. As I don’t want to bore you with all of them, I’ll only show you the most popular ones.

AiGrow's popular pricing plans

As you can see, their services are not cheap. The $150 which they ask for the Pro Managed plan may not seem much considering all that it encompasses. However, I can tell you with certainty that you won’t get any of it: no dedicated manager, no 24/7 support, nothing.

The same goes for the less pricey, 3-month and 6-month Pro Packs. These are here just to lure in customers with a thinner budget.

And if your budget is very low, no worries, AiGrow’s got you covered:

AiGrow's other pricing plans

They sell some of their tools, like the post scheduler, separately. These individual tools go from $7 to $75 per month. Again, I don’t recommend using them.

There’s also a free trial if you’re really curious about AiGrow, but even that comes with a risk. I’ll explain what it is in the upcoming section.

Is AiGrow Legit?

AiGrow is not legit, folks. They are scammers.

Don’t be fooled by the positive rating on The service hired a bunch of people to leave fake positive reviews.

Aside from getting you blocked, AiGrow will also take your money and won’t give it back. Even the people who unsubscribed before the free trial expired got charged! They won’t answer your emails or calls, so don’t bother contacting them.

Is AiGrow Safe?

If you’ve read the previous paragraphs, I don’t need to say anything here. 

AiGrow is not safe, and it’s best to steer clear of it.

Top AiGrow Alternatives

Disappointed by what you learned about AiGrow? Don’t be; just move on. Here, take a look at these excellent alternatives.

ServiceOur GradePrice
Flock Social4$49
Stellation Media3.9$99
Jumper Media3N/A
Trusy Social2.3$97

AiGrow Pros and Cons

Once more, let’s point out all the essentials:

Easy to set upInstagram will action block you if you use it
It will not grow your profile
Tons of fake positive reviews
Doesn’t respond to refund requests
People unable to unsubscribe

AiGrow Reviews: The Bottom Line

I feel like enough has been said for you to realize that AiGrow is not your mediator of IG growth.

It’ll most certainly get you blocked and, if you’re persistent, banned. Not to mention that AiGrow will charge you a hefty fee for these “services.”

Luckily, you’ve got plenty of other choices. Do not dwell on AiGrow a second longer, but go and hire an organic growth tool instead.

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