4gram Review – What Happened To It? Find Out Here

Not all Instagram growth service stories have a happy ending. Some of them have a rather tragic end, like the one I’m going to tell you about today.

Today’s article will be a 4gram review

4gram is one of the pioneers in the Instagram growth service industry – they have been around for a long time, almost as long as Instagram. 

So, what happened to it? Did 4gram deserve to meet its unfortunate end or was it totally unfair? 

Stay tuned to find out all!

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Now, back to our topic for today…

4gram Review Summary

  • 4gram is a service that no longer exists
  • The company met its demise when they breached Facebook’s terms and conditions
  • It wasn’t safe to use even while it functioned fully
  • It’s crucial that you always go with a service that plays by the rules
  • A highly recommended, reliable service where you can buy followers are Nitreo and Kenji.
  • Both are not only safe to use, but you actually get real organic growth
  • Another up to scratch tool is Upleap– a highly rated service that lets you buy followers.

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What Is 4gram?

a screenshot of 4gram's homepage

Oh, this one’s a doozy for sure. 

The first thing I have to tell you about 4gram is that they don’t exist anymore. When you visit what used to be their website, you’ll be directed to a completely different one. 

The other site is kind of sketchy. When I say kind of, I actually mean a lot.

All you’ll find there are links that take you to god knows where, and one of them is even in Turkish, so who knows what that’s about. 

Long story short – don’t go to their website

Now that I’ve warned you about that, I can answer the question at hand: What is 4gram? 

4gram was (no need to speak in present time) a plain old IG growth service. They were basically a fully automated bot that performed tasks on your behalf. 

Their goal was to help you boost Instagram engagement and statistics by automatically liking, following, and commenting on other users’ posts. 

What made them stand out was the fact that they were completely free of charge. 

In 4gram’s golden days, all you had to do was provide them with your Instagram username and you’d be good to go. No passwords, registration, emails, or downloads of any kind were necessary. 

This is one of the reasons 4gram became popular – people were willing to give it a shot because it’s a free tool that’s very simple to use and doesn’t ask for any personal info. 

But was it worth it? 

Was the free tool up to par or not? 

How 4gram Works?

Although 4gram was never entirely clear about their ways, it’s easy to conclude what they were from countless reviews on sites like Trustpilot. 

According to previous users, 4gram wasn’t a particularly well-thought-out tool. They didn’t have a specific goal and strategies for boosting your profile – at least it wasn’t specified on their website. 

Yes, 4gram was vague about their MO. However, it wasn’t exactly rocket science so it doesn’t take a brainiac to figure out it was a classic automation tool. 

Their past clients say it did typical bot stuff – auto likes, auto follows, and auto comments. 

While it sounds simple and somewhat safe, it never is with these tools. There are just too many things going on in the background that make it too risky. 

And here’s the thing – 4gram managed to get away with shady stuff back in the day, but nowadays, it’s not that easy. Instagram has very strict rules about bots now, and very few live to see another day once they’re caught. 

4gram wasn’t lucky. It got caught violating Facebook’s terms of use, and since Facebook owns Instagram now, the transgression led to the company’s collapse. 

It’s very unfortunate since they had one advantage over others – they were among the first, the regular trailblazers. Naturally, there weren’t as many growth services at the beginning of Instagram as there are now. 

If 4gram had taken the opportunity and played by the rules, I truly believe they could’ve made a name of themselves by now. 

Sadly, they decided to go the other way, so if you’re wondering if their demise was a series of unjust events or a well-deserved course of action, it’s certainly the latter. 

4gram Features

This is where it gets even more interesting. Since 4gram doesn’t have a functioning website, I had to search the Internet for detailed reviews. 

From what I gathered, 4gram’s main features were auto likes and auto follows. There was also the auto like option for Facebook – it was the only one for Facebook, while all the others were Instagram-related.

You had to choose only one photo that would receive the likes, but here’s the catch – it had to be one of the last eight photos you uploaded. My question is – why? And there’s no answer. 

Oh, and you could also send the likes to someone else by providing 4gram with the URL of their photo. Again, what’s the point? The service is free and everyone can get free likes for themselves. 

4gram also had a mandatory waiting period. You could only receive a certain amount of likes and follows and then you’d have to wait (I’m not sure how long). 

But the auto likes feature wasn’t nearly as concerning as the auto follow, and you can probably guess why. 

That’s right – the bots.

The huge chance of getting bot followers posed a constant threat to your account and there was no way of knowing which ones were real, and which ones weren’t. However, 4gram never explicitly said you’d get real followers, so I guess – technically – we can’t blame them. 

And what about the auto comment feature? 

Based on reviews, 4gram offered an auto comment feature, but weirdly enough, I couldn’t find a single person who actually tried it. It’s as if the feature was non-existent. 

Pricing Of 4gram

I mentioned that 4gram was completely free to use, and it’s true. All the reviews say so. There weren’t any sort of plans or packages, not even a pricing section on the website. 

While ‘free of charge’ sounds enticing, it’s not always a good thing when it comes to Instagram growth. 

I’m yet to find a free growth tool that’s 100% safe to use and provides organic growth. 

Is 4gram Legit? 

Well, clearly not. 

The reason 4gram was shut down is enough proof that it wasn’t a legitimate business, so I don’t have anything else to add to that. 

Is 4gram Safe? 

4gram was the opposite of safe. 

They continuously violated Facebook’s terms and conditions, and to top it off – they brought bots to your account. And bots equal trouble in the eyes of Instagram, so you should always try to avoid them.

And here’s a tip – when a service is not legitimate, you can count on it not to be safe as well. 

Top 4gram Alternatives

With the shady, rule-breaking tools slowly shutting down one by one, there’s more room for reliable organic growth services.
And when it comes to IG growth, organic is always better, trust me. I strongly suggest you take a look at the best 4gram alternatives.

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4gram Pros And Cons

Were there any pros to using 4gram? Well, a few, so let’s see what they were. 

It was completely freeThe service doesn’t exist anymore
Very simple to useThey violated Facebook’s terms of use
Their website takes you to a different, not secure site
You’d end up with bot followers
The tool went into mandatory breaks too often
Wasn’t safe to use

4gram Review: Final Verdict

So, what happened to 4gram? 

Well, they didn’t play by the rules – it’s that simple. 

There’s no grey zone when it comes to Instagram’s and Facebook’s terms of use.

Now you’re maybe wondering how come some services still dabble between following the rules and breaking them? 

That’s because they haven’t been caught yet. The keyword is yet, because sooner or later, they all end up like 4gram. 

That’s why – and I can’t stress this enough – it’s so important you go with a 100% safe, rule-following growth service, like the ones I have listed out for you below. 

Sure, it won’t be free and it may take a while before you see desired results, but you can at least rest assured your presence on Instagram will not be jeopardized at any point.

After all, slow and steady wins the race.

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